and how are we?

I’ve had quite the day. As some of you know, I’ve been fighting to get the pulmonologist appointment my general physician order over 5 weeks ago. The initial recipient of the referral was an office over 100 miles from me. The soonest they could get me in was mid November. They faxed it 3 times last week and called twice to the office within 10 miles from me – who refused to accept it. I went last Friday, to find everyone gone before office hours were over, the front lights on, the door OPEN and all the lights behind the receptionist desk off.

I left them a tersely written note.

I got a call from them this morning insisting that I needed to go to the office 100 miles away. It took me several times of talking over them to get that I lived within 10 minutes of them. I was then told to wait 30 minutes and they would call me with an appointment.

5 hours later, I went to the office where I was told – we told you to wait. We have to get this and this and this and this – which I told them they didn’t tell me that.

They then tried to tell me the referral came in LATE Friday – to which I called them on the carpet. 3 times, called twice and how late, because I was here Friday at 4:15. The one receptionist tried to tell me she was there until 5 and I reminded there wasn’t a single car in the parking lot, all the lights but the 2 lamps in the waiting room were on, but ALL of the lights behind the receptionist desk were off and I was there for 10 minutes, calling out and writing the note.

They then offered me an appointment Thanksgiving week (4th week of November.) I was told first time patients take a while. I then wondered aloud that the other office offered me the week before and if I could still get in, I wonder what would happen when I 1starred them at Yelp and made comments on their facebook…

And then I had a bad hack attack. It was apparent when I brought my faceshield down, I was in distress and my mouth was blue, which is NOT a good sign.

Within 5 minutes, I had paperwork for a chest xray tomorrow, a breathing test scheduled at their office 30 minutes away AND a doctors appointment the week after (end of October) and a rather insincere comment that by after that, they could probably get me worked in…

I don’t think so.

So right now, I’m fairly miserable, tired all day, cranky. We clipped kitty claws yesterday and Lord Thunderbutt was SOO awful, we clipped too close to the quick and now he’s limping around and acting all pathetic. I’m going to watch to see how long he limps.

I have a Group IO and a proboard to trick out this week. I need to start getting the next segment of Guy thru the ages out.

I want to watch The Witcher, The Stranger and finish S2 of The Witchblade. Rewatch Harry Potter from the beginning. Read another segment or two of Anja, the next segment of Gwen and Gareth, do some more writing…. lots of stuff I didn’t accomplish while on that long break, seeing how it looks as if I’m going to be out another month or two.

But now, ManCandy Monday.

And thar ya are!

Have a good one!