I have not bought anything in 12 days. I haven’t even ‘window shopped’ or looked! Go me. The very last thing I’ve bought as arrived. I’m done until I finally go back to work!

That would be the jeans (fits fine in the legs, slightly baggy in the thighs and gut and butt. Seeing how their sizing has been stupid the last 6-9 months, I’m not sending them back. I’ll just deal! Put ’em in the dryer! the bra you can’t see is new, we’ll see how long it lasts, it actually fits! and the top is also a recent purchase, came in a few weeks ago. Seeing how I’m probably not returning to work until the New Year, I might as well wear these and get some use out of them. The top is actually a tad big, I could take a size down, but I’m not going to do that anytime soon!

Yesterday, was NOT a good day resperitory wise. Today’s a bit better, but my runny nose is bloody. When my hair tries, I’m making a personal trip to that doctor’s office 5 minutes from me that won’t call.

I didn’t sleep well last night.

This fat thing went to sleep like that in my doorway and refused to budge.

He snores.


How about some Sir Guy???

Yeah, I know the first guy isn’t him. I have no clue why that’s there. I clicked on this!

And thar ya go!

Now, I need to visit a doctor’s office and get something scheduled! Life sucks when your sick.

Oh. I’ll start posting the next reincarnation of Guy this weekend. Look for it at dreamerfiction first.