This seems to be a rather popular topic in recent days so what the hey, I might as well join in.

Richard did an interview a few months back about how music affected his life. Personally, I think it’s a wonderful series of questions, seeing how I’m a musician and we live in a society that really doesn’t place a lot of emphasis on the arts. Some of my fellows here found his answers to be ‘giveaways’ or ‘trite’ or ‘cliched’ but everyone is different and sometimes trite or cliched or easy is perfect for that person. That saying… I should warn you that none of my answers can be contained in ONE song. I’m a musician, what did ya expect?

#1 – The song I wish I had written. His answer was ‘Yesterday’ by the Beatles. Cliched, probably, but considering the pandemic, the hysteria surround the pandemic, the fact he is looking at half century at his next birthday, and life in general, this is an understandable answer. As for me, I chose something a little… different…

Somehow musically, I’ve become quite pagan…

#2 – The first song Richard seems to remember hearing was “Summer Nights’ from Grease. I have to remind myself I’m ALMOST 10 years old than he is so in some way I understand this, however, my first song I remember hearing was from a toy I had that I loved. It was a wind up clock and it played the song and my dad sang it to me until I learned it. I was about 2 and half or 3, so it’s a power memory and I miss that clock.

#3 – The first album I owned. Richard’s first was The blue Roundabout. Mine was a gift to me from a baby sitter. I was 7 and in the 2nd grade. I guess she saw the young rock n roller in me.

#4 – the First concert Richard went to was Tina Turner. Lucky Ass. MY first concert was Queen at the Omni in Atlanta in the way early 80’s. We had shitty seats, someone was passing a hash cig and we asked the very straight lady next to us if she was a narc before anyone of us would take a toke. She said no and took a hefty for herself. Freddie had just cut pretty much ALL of his 70’s hair off, was sporting a moustache, and wearing leather pants, biker boots and cap and NOTHING ELSE!

I’d like to delete the second one, but you know, Word Press no longer allows you to delete media. Ever.

#5 – A song that reminds you of home. Richard’s was Happy New Year by ABBA. I had difficulties with this one. I went digging. I came up with a lot of hymns. With my parents being ministers, we sang a LOT of hymns. Dad also had the most beautiful and he sang all the time. My mom asked him many times to just hush. Didn’t work.

For many years of my younger, we lived in Oklahoma and of course, our favorite song to sing along with Dad was this –

I found this after the fact. We moved a lot but there was one house… in a culdesac in Florida…

#6 – A song you can no longer listen to. Richard’s was Nobody’s Child. There’s a story to it. My song I can’t listen to has a story as well.

I had been dating someone where I worked. I liked him a lot more than he liked me and I knew we were reaching the end of our relationship. I was trying to figure out how I was going to work with him especially as he was in a lower management position and was in a place to make my life difficult.

We were having a staff party and there was a dance floor. We were sitting together and I asked him if he wanted to dance, to which he was ‘too tired’. About 10 minutes later, I went to the bathroom and when I returned, he was on the dance floor with another waitress he had become very chummy with in the previous weeks. She smug when she saw me and I simply picked up my things and left.

The next time we worked together (several days) he approached me and wanted to know why I left. I reminded him that he didn’t want to dance with me, the person he came with, but he was fine to dance with someone else. About that time SHE came up and put her arms around him – Hey there! We were concerned you left the party without telling anyone. At that point, he knew he was in the hotseat. He told her to set up her dinner tables for the evening and then after she moved away, he apologized. He meant to break it to me later that night. Well, he certain did break it to me. I told him it would be nice if he actually BROKE up with someone before he started playing with someone else. As I walked off, I asked him if the sex had been good that night and he said yes, before clapping his mouth, realizing what he said.

The song I can no longer listen to was the song they were dancing to.

#7 Song that changd my Life – Well the Eurythmics’ Sweet Dreams is a pretty good song for that.

When I was 16, I was taking piano lessons from a Concert Pianist from Cuba. His family moved to Miami when he was 7 and he began to take piano lessons from professor from I think the Miami Conservatory (this would be back in the 50’s) He had a concert of his students and his wife’s – who was also a brilliant pianist. I played one of the more advanced Haydn Sonatas. I remember I played all the movements and somehow, I forgot the last 3 lines of the second movement. I faked it. Only 2 people realized I was adlibbing and that was my mom, because she listened to me practice it for months, and a fellow student. MY teacher was oblivious!!!

Either way, his wife played this and I was mesmerized. It was HARD and I knew it would take me a long long time. But I was determined. I did learn it. I learned the original version and not a watered down one. I went through 2 original copies of the music and I still have them, written in, notes, cursing. I did play it in public when I was 17 and I wonder what happened to my fingers. And it changed everything! I then knew I wanted a life in music!

For the record, when I played it, wasn’t this… show offy and DRAMAQUEENDMATIC! and the first 2 BIG runs this dude plays with 2 hands, I played with one! (around 1:30 and around 2:55 Go me!

Yes, it’s as hard as it sound and here’s the music…

#8 – Song I want played at my funeral. Celebration is a good choice for pretty much everyone. I want – Skyline Pigeon.

For some reason this is only piano only version I can find today. Oh skip the secone one, I found a better one. He sounds so much different than he does now. lighter.

#9 –

The song I listen to before performing

Imogen Heap – β€˜Hide and Seek’

I’ll be honest, I don’t listen to music before I perform. If I’m doing a concert, I’ll go somewhere quiet and play through my set backwards. Get it in my fingers, my ears, and my hands. The first piece sets the tone. The first 3 or 4 measures are my most important; get it going, get it started, listen to it, become it. No distractions, nothing else. Just me and music. Don’t mind us. We’re having a conversation. If you’re quiet and listen, you’ll hear us talking.

#10 the Song I sing at Karoke. Like Richard, you have to drag me kicking and screaming But if I must. There are 2…

and you should recognize the white haired man at the end…

here’s a freebie…

okay I lied. 3. lol!

Song you discovered during lockdown. Richard discovered Daoi Freyr from Eurovision 2020. I found a guy who likes to string up inanimate objects and plug ’em up and play Swamp Blues! I found him on Facebook and followed him, He is very personable, interacts and talks to people who talk to him. He sent cd’s to hospitals to play in ICU so patients won’t feel so alone. His stuff sings to me!

yeah, he really plays!!!

Of course, I have ‘more’ important songs…

I think I’ve drug this out long enough.