My employer has decided I cannot return to work until I have a ‘clean bill of health’ from my doctor.

My doctor won’t see me until I see the pulmonologist. the pulmonologist can’t get me in until mid November. I am out of sick days. I called the pulmonologist and they are trying to get me in sooner at a satellite office.

I have my bills covered through November 1st bills (Next rent, insurance, utilities, etc.) So I’m trying to find something to cover me on December 1st. THe sooner I can get a true diagnosis, the better. If I can get a NON-Covid diagnosis, there is a GOOD possibility, I can get a new clearance for the Sick Bank and I will be covered for 60 days.

My biggest fear is I have permanent damage to my lungs. IF that is the case, I am looking a maximum of years into my retirement, so 28% of my salary and I can’t touch that for 2 years, leaving me with social security disability.

That’s not… acceptable.

So…. prayers and a clear head. Please.

Have some Richard.