Hello and welcome to the weekend!

I worked today. Teacher workday and I felt pretty decent. 70%. I got curtains hung, things put away, and the background of my Recorder karate scope up in the hall.

I have not bought anything in 5 days. Considering they had great sales for Curvy Woman Day on Wednesday (or was it Tuesday) and they’ve launched a huge sale today, I’m quite proud of myself. As I have some self-indulgent whining behind the cut, let’s get on with the reason why we’re here.

Thar ya go!

Whining behind the cut.

I’m not surprised by this, but it still hurts.

I worked the teacher work day – at 70% physical ability. I discovered that many of my coworkers think I’m faking, and are repulsed by my inability to wear a mask and chronic asthma hack. None of them came to me – they went to my administrator.

I talked to my admin about half days for 2 or 3 weeks. Our superintendent shot it down. I can either get another doctor’s excuse and stay home or go to work. Seeing how I’m out of money, I guess I’ll be going to work. This is going to be painful.