And welcome to October.

I’ve been MIA for a week. My friend’s death really knocked me for a loop. She’s the one who battled Covid over the summer and apparently, it woke up her cancer. I’m still devastated. She was such a vibrant person. I just can’t’ believe she’s gone. I’m hoping the rest of our circle can get together IF I go home for Thanksgiving. Right now, that’s questionable.

I returned to work yesterday. The only part of me that made it the entire day were my legs. Long hack attacks drain my energy and sadly, I had several in each class. Even my tough kid from the ‘big city’ was shocked and concerned. He went hunting my inhaler. I shouldn’t have done that to them and told my administrator by lunch, I was hunting a sub for 1-3 days. (Got one for 3 days) and honestly, didn’t think I’d make it home. Just exhausted. Spawn was at work so I texted him to get dinner and I went to bed and slept until he got home at 10:30.

You know, if I could sleep from midnight to 11 AM and go to work at say… noon or 1 PM and work until…. 7 or 8 PM, I would be fine! Just sayin’

So either way, I’m exhausted when I get home and find – horror of horrors – hate in my PM box at Tumblr. No idea what set them off, because no one told me what I said that ate them up! I rarely discuss politics there and when I do it’s simply an observation. (Recent ones being – your numbers are wrong to there are alternatives…) and what I’m getting is just personal, hateful spewings. I mean, personal. And these people don’t know me so please. Kiss my hairy unwashed lily-white rebel ass!

Just what I needed, right? I did ask for clarification from one and if I’m not answered by tonight, I’ll turn off my anons for a while. Just don’t need this right now.

So I’m home. Friday is a teacher workday and I’ll go in with Spawn to set up my room and talk to admin about how is the best way to ease me back in. Because that’s what it’s going to take.

My kids were really happy to see me. One of my firsties came in and squealed – YOU’RE BACK! YOU’RE MY FAVORITE TEACHER! I LOVE YOU!!!

All were content with the excuse I was sick. I had pneumonia. None of them pressed it. Especially when I coughed.

I did have a sweetie moment yesterday!

Sometimes, we have sweeties where life is such a challenge for them. And it seems once they’re on the crap list, that’s where they stay. I have one such challenging sweetie. He was really good for me and as I was doing car rider duty in the cafeteria, I noticed he had his parent journal out and open. And on it was written -X had to be told 3 times to do such n such. I turned it to me and started flipping through it.

X had to be removed from class today.

X missed recess for not doing his work.

X had to be sent to another classroom.

X didn’t do his homework.

and on and on. I borrowed a pencil and flipped the book back to today. He started crying – but I was good for you today. I was good.

Yes sweetie, you were.

And I wrote in his parent journal – X was so good for me today. I’m so proud of him because now he knows he’s awesome. And he started crying again because SOMEONE wrote something nice and positive in a parent journal so very full of negativity. Be that nice word sometimes. It can mean the world to a child.

Last weekend, the material in the space where my thighs don’t gap in my favorite jeans, became OBVIOUSLY thread bare. so I replaced them. (They were on sale. Also, I’ve had them for 3 years and they’ve been worn really!) I also bought a new bra because, I needed one. It was on sale too. And the $210.00 Snazzy raincoat I’ve been so enamored with for a few months…

Went on clearance this weekend for 55.00. SNATCH!

At least the entire total for all 3 pieces was less than the amount I put on the credit card I paid for them with.

So it has now been 2 days since I bought anything.

Since I missed GuyDay and Mancandy Monday, here’s some stuff for you.

And thar ya go!

I’m going to take a nap.