Happy Guy Day!

Today is not a good day.

Actually, last NIGHT was not a good night and it’s rolling over into today. Spawn and I decided that after we picked up ALL of the meds my doctor prescribed, (more anti-biotics, stronger inhaler and cough syrup with MORE NARCOTICS!) we would go up the road and do laundry. It cost way less than half of what it costs down here and we’ve made a point to make the monthly trip to the pharmacy in old stomping grounds an all day affair, with rx and clothes.

Well, we get to the laundry mat to discover that a) the air conditioner is out b) they’ve opted to just put in a big fan rather than repair the ac c) the toilet is out with a note to go next door to the dollar general d) the dollar general is refusing to let anyone use their bathroom and e) they’d closed the doors and the inside of the laundrymat was about 120 degrees and HUMID.

My lungs just said no. It was the worst, longest 2 hours of my life. We finally took benches to prop the doors open. I was wheezing (hacking) when we got into the car and I tore open all of the rx bags and started inhaling and swallowing and drinking.

There is one bottle missing. This is my LIFE and I’m going back to work Monday with all of this in tow! To be honest, I’m not sure I’ll last the first day! We’ll see.

Right now, I have a headache. Bad. I was up every hour on the hour going to the bathroom. Means my bloodsugar is sky high. I can’t win.

I need some Guy. Seriously. Need this hawt, leather-clad hunk of burnin’ love! Fur shure.

okay, this is funny. I’m scrolling on the left to get to ‘media’ and I scroll past ‘blog posts’ really fast and I had to back up because it looked like ‘butt plugs’.

Thar ya go! Have a great weekend!