My life, that is.

So we know last week, I was diagnosed with bronchitis, asthma hacks and all the stuff that goes with being a Covid Longhauler. So we added an antibiotic, inhaler etc to my regimen.

Monday, Spawn was at work and I needed an errand run, big time. (A cash deposit)

I decided – I’m feeling better. My feet aren’t swollen. 5 minutes to Walmart to make the deposit, 10 minutes tops in Walmart, 5 minutes home. 20 minutes tops. I can do this! What a great way to see if I’m ready to go back to work on Monday, right?


No sooner than I pull out onto the main road, my car starts making a funny noise and I see that my front passenger side of the car is lower than my side. I pull into the very next gas station and yep – it’s flat. Someone is parked in front of the air machine so I have to do all sorts of aerobatics to get the air cord around to the far side of my car.

When I was young and thin and pretty, I never had to go through this. There was always a knight in some sort of armor, willing to help me out. I never changed a tire, never put air in one, nada. Now that I’m old and fat, the best I get is the kid in the car parked in front of the air machine. Comes out of the store with his mom, sees he’s going to have to go around the car to get in and snips at me – Gee Lady, did you have to block the front of the car?

Well, gee son. Seeing how you’ve got the air machine blocked, I guess I did. Nyah!

It took a while.

$4.50 later, I’m finally pumped back up and back on the road to Walmart.

Where they’ve reduced the number of regular cash registers from 24 to 9 and I need a cashier to manage my transaction. There are serious lines with serious amounts of groceries in all 4 of the registers open (that never changes) and I’m trying to social distance.

Long story short, my 20 minute excursion took over an hour and I paid the price that night. Nagging cough (not deep, thank you) and pure exhaustion.

Over the weekend, my antivirus updated and replaced my browsers with Bing. Can anyone tell me how to get this piece of shit OFF my computer? I had a direct link for a conversation and Bing refused to take me to it. It wanted to SEARCH for me. I don’t need to search, I have it! Will you please go to it?

Oh we’re searching. Here.

No, that’s a log in I do NOT need. Here is the direct link.

We’re searching.

30 minutes later, Bing decides this is a direct link and lets me go to it.

It suck moldy donkey balls.

AAAAAAAND I saw my doctor again yesterday. He says I sound much better and much stronger and hey let’s give going to work on Monday a go.

I’m going in Monday for one day preplanning. Means between now and Sunday, I have to clean house, do some laundry, I need to pick up meds. I would love to get waxed and get my toes done. They are nasty! And rest. I imagine if I have an asthma hack attack, someone will send me home.

I’m thinking SPawn and I will load the laundry in the car and when we head to get rx refilled, we’ll do the laundry (as it costs half up there then here) and I’ll get my toes done before we leave.

So, thar ya go! Have some Richard!