I We made it to the end of another week. I honestly didn’t think I would make. I’ve struggled with sleep all week. Wednesday night, I got absolutely zero sleep. Was up all night and for some reason, unable to nap during the day. This put me up for nearly 48 hours. Not good for someone trying to get well. In addition, I had several seriously bad coughing jgs. My mom had a lucid moment and called in the middle of one and she just cried and cried and cried.

So last night, I bit the bullet. I did inhaler, nasal spray (the 2 quieten things down) cough syrup with narcotics, and then a sleeping pill.

I slept like the dead for 9 hours. did not get up at all. Not even to pee! It was sooooo needed!

Spawn’s Covid test came back negative. Waiting on mine. I still have a ways to go if it is negative.

I’ve also had a serious issue with ankle and foot swelling. Today, they look much better but they’ve been elevated for 2 days!

Someday, I’ll get well.

But right now, I need some Sir Guy. I’ll bet you do too!

Thar ya go.

Know what? I think I”m going to take a nap. Our HelloFresh box is in and I’m going to let Spawn decide what’s for dinner!!!!