And how are we all?

Last night, I slept 10 hours – without the narcotic cough syrup or any sleeping aids. Do you know how GOOD I feel right now?

Okay, I don’t feel really good. But I feel better. I’m not a million bucks, maybe a 2 dollar bill… but still…

You want to know what’s scary? Yesterday afternoon, my insurance company called me and said – Ms Z? uhm… we just got all the stuff from the hospital and… well, we were concerned…

And then I get the whole how are you doing, how are you feeling, do you know how sick you wer/are and when you’re feeling better, we REALLY want to talk to you about programs at no cost to you to help you with your diabetes and asthma. I mean… you’re not young…

Thanks. Thanks a fucking whole lot telling me I’m old!

Last night, Spawn made a pot of minestrone soup. I could sorta taste it and it was so good. I was afraid I would turn into a chicken for a while! There are left overs and I know what I’m having for lunch!!!

I FINALLY got that wad of compress bandaging off my hoo ha. It took hours. a little at a time. Lots of witch hazel.

Manicure scissors to trim as I went. That was scary. Sharp pointy object near a sensitive place I couldn’t see. I understand now why many women shave it all.

I know. TMI.

We found the Meyer’s box outside the door yesterday. Spawn and I had a great time unpacking it to see the goodies! All the sage stuff went to his bathroom. I told him he can smell like sage. I like smelling like Fuji Sunset! But there are lots of other goodies in that box!!!

Sometime today – we shall get HELLO FRESH!!!!! I’m excited about that too!

After running many errands yesterday, today will be the day he does laundry! Must. I”m getting ready to pre-saturate bloody clothes. Pray it comes out. Regardless I’m going to have to wear them. 4 new pairs of PJs. Can’t just toss.

Yeah – a (male) nurse TRIED to toss them. I screamed as best I could as did the OTHER nurse.

My feet are swelling. I think we’ll have to make the move to the comfy chair and ottoman post haste!

And before I go any further – I want to congratulate Guylty on another FABULOUS RA Birthday Fund Raiser!!! WHOOOT!

So now, it’s time for some GuyDay!!! Y’all don’t know how much I look forward to this! 2 weeks ago I though I had done my last GuyDay!  So glad I hadn’t.

There ya go. Ya’ll have a good weekend.