Yesterday, Spawn propped me up in bed, piled with pillows and both feet propped up. They have been SO swollen that I couldn’t get socks on. Felt Like ice. I had meds that had to be filled, so after I took a shower, he propped me up, made sure I had plenty of water within reach and took off to parts unknown – a 3 hour tour, no less.

He returned with food and my meds. I’m getting back on my NORMAL diabetes meds, shit load of Vitamin C and Zinc and my normal vitamins. There was heavily laden cough syrup and sleeping pills as well as meds for my yeast infection . I went straight to the cough syrup after dinner and went to sleep for 10 hours.

With my feet propped up!

Feet are still swollen today, but I can get socks on without cutting off the circulation.

Just spent half an hour on the phone with my insurance company. They are putting me on several additional programs at no additional cost to help with things. She said looking at everything they’ve gotten from the hospital was… concerning.

Do you have any clue how sick you were?

Yeah, I think I do. Right now, talking is exhausting me.

That’s the worst part – the constant fatigue. I don’t even want to read, it’s that bad. I don’t want to do things I lik

My sister, God love her, sent Spawn and myself 3 meals from Hello Fresh!!! I’m so super excited! So is he.

Taste buds are still MIA! I can taste Doctor Pepper. I can also taste the zingy sauce for the onion rings – not the onion rings, just the zingy sauce.

Burned my flippin’ mouth!

Mah butt hurts from sitting on it.

I’m peeing a blue streak. All the water.

Pray for Spawn. Within the hour, he leaves to do 2 loads of laundry. Jammies and bloody jammies. I’m sending lots and lots of hydrogen peroxide!!! I can take PJs off my wish list. Over the course of this mess, Spawn bought me 4 pairs.

Trying to get this compress bandage off is a slow go. There is adhesive stuck to my girlie hares. So no fun. So lots of witch hazel. At this rate, might get it off next week.

It hurts, so there.

Don’t know about you, but I’m waiting for the final results and tally of Richard’s Birthday Auction. Every year I’m like… I can do this.

And then shit happens. Oh well. Congrats to the winners!!! so happy for all of you!

Have some Richard.