Yesterday, was not a good day. I had plans. I had felt pretty minor okay Sunday. Pushed the point.

Paid for it with my energy.

Didn’t sleep well, for starters. Ended up taking 3 naps during the day. Big ones. Get up exhausted. Needless to say, my plans – soak my bloody jammies – didn’t happen. Taking another long ass shower and removing the bandage from my hoo ha didn’t happen! Calling my doctor for meds didn’t happen. Nothing happened, except I slept or snoozed.

Sometime in the evening, my feet took to ice and Spawn put my socks on for me. my feet were so swollen, they cut the circulation off and I had to take them off. I ended up in bed with my feet up. Trying to figure out what did that? I’ve been drinking a lot was juice, water. All I can come up with is the chicken noodle soup isn’t low sodium. I don’t know. The crackers.

I desperately needed 8 hours of sleep last night, but all I got was around 4.5. Might have had to do something with the 3 hour nap I took at 7 PM.

The bruising is much worse. I don’t get it. My arms haven’t been shot up since a week ago last Friday. No tummy shots in 5 days… I look like a ‘peaceful protester’ got a hold of me. If that offends you, kiss my ass.

And so it goes.

Praying today will be better. Spawn has to go pick up meds. Considering the trip, he’ll be gone a little over 2 hours. Pray for him. I’m wearing him out. He waits on me hand and foot, leaves the bedroom doors open so in case I need him in the middle of the night, he’ll hear me. He hears me cough in my sleep and comes to check. What did I do to deserve him? I’m such a grumpy old soul.

Really ugly pictures behind the cut. Excuse my messy desk and floor area. I need a trashcan. Obviously.

image0000011 (11)

The last sticks in that arm were over 11 days ago. The bruises on top and the iv and bruises in the other arm are fading.

image0000001 (19)

Why they put shots here is beyond me. Beyond me.  Last time was 5 days ago. Also – that’s a lot of steroid swelling.

If you got this far, be good to each other.