It has been 24 days since I bought anything.

I thought I should clarify that. Is window shopping considered ‘shopping’? Online ooogling? Thumbing through catalogs? If it is, I”ve been shopping every fricking day. I’ve NOT bought anything. Big difference. So it has been 24 days since I bought anything.

Happy Friday everyone! We made it! YAY!

honestly, last night I DIDN”T think I would make it. I’ve never been so miserable in my entire life. My son threatened to take me to the ER. If I have another night like that, I’ll let him take me.

Right this minute, I’m extremely in love with Alka Seltzer plus Cold and cough Maximum Strength PowerMax Gels. At the rate we’re going, we’ll be out of the current box by sometime tomorrow.

Whaat you see

Food tastes wonky to me. Drinks taste wonky to me. Not enough flavor I think. That is NOT a good sign.

It’s funny. I’m sicker than sick and my mood is swinging back up to its normally perky/cranky/persnickity disposition. I wonder if depression of any sort is what kicks this crap off/


Aaaaaaaaaaaaand as most of you have heard, we are in dead sights of a hurricane! Yesterday, they said this thing wouldn’t reach Hurricane status and it DID within a few hours. Right now Isaias (ee-sa-EE-as) is churning up through Hispanola and the eastern side of the Caribbean. It MIGHT make Cat 2. If it drifts West, we’re in the shit. If it drifts East, we’re in the shit can.

isiasa 2isiasa 1

These cones were done several hours apart. I think the yellow one is the most recent.

Either way, we are going to get a LOT of rain. Lovely.

I am tired and I’m ready for some Guyday.


There ya go. I hope y’all have a better weekend than I’m going to have.