23 days since I have shopped. There’s a reason for that. I’ll discuss it in a minute.

Dear Guylty – we need no rain. This was taken from my back door 15 minutes ago.

And this is heading our way. Welcome Hurricane Season. Getting an early start – 9th named storm already.

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2 days ago they said it would hit us doing 40 miles an hour. I guess I”ll be keeping an eye out. Actually, Spawn will be keeping an eye out!

Girly Girl got comfy!!!

image0000001 (7)

Spawn became more independent!


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And he got a job! I’m gonna be getting Dollar Tree discounts!!!

Watty ‘hid’ a piece of art from my viewers at WattPad.


It had been up for years and no one else has said shit! I think it’s beautiful and the gentleman in the picture thought it was awesome. Said I made him sexy. Greatest compliment I’ve ever been paid was to learn the actor READ my fic about his character and let me know he had read it – by telling me some of the plot points through the fic. I went to send them a follow-up, but apparently, they’ve ‘lost’ everything- fics, reviews. I know a lot of people are enthralled with that site, but I am not. I’ve had problems for years and decided a while back it wasn’t worth the hell and aggravation they put me through when I have to spends hours correcting the formatting bullshit they do and then discover they effed up spacing. It’s a no win!!


I have not shopped in 23 days. I can’t seem to stay online very long. I have had a low-grade fever, runny nose, hacking cough, no appetite (I can taste food, i just don’t have an appetite.) I FEEL like I do when I have walking pneumonia. I don’t sleep for long, meaning I”m sleeping on and off all day.

yeah, I know what you think it is. It might be. I think there’s a good chance.

I called my doctor and they sent me to a drive in Covid test. Most uncomfortable thing I’ve been through in ages. I asked her when it was over if she was to find my Adam’s Apple via my nose.

Spawn got one too. They treated him a LOT nicer. His 10 seconds was faster than mine.

If I have it, I’m going to kill my brother. He mentioned a few days back he had all the classic symptoms – including the inability to taste food. He’s getting his test today! I’ve been healthy as hell until 2 days ago. And now I’ve gone from 0 to 201248753232558 in about 2 days. We’ve gone through all of the tylenol cold and sinus and can not FIND it anywhere. My friend out west is sending me 3 boxes. In the meantime I’m drinking hot tea – ginger, lemon, honey. and Orange Juice. Yeah – the blood sugar won’t like it, but at this point, I do not give a flying flip much less a farting fig.

If he has it and I have it, my parents are compromised and someone is going to have to take them get it done. I don’t think my mom will sit for it.

And at that point, I’m going to kill him.


I’m supposed to return to work Tuesday. If I have this lab virus gone berserk, guess who WON”T be going back on time! They’ve changed our kids return date – pushed it out 2 weeks. But still, seeing how I have to go back the normal time, if I have this, I get a free 10 days of sick leave extra, doesn’t go against my sick leave.

I’m trying to keep a sense of humor. I feel like the Flu on Steroids.

Night before last, I went to bed, falling asleep and put on the first episode of The Mandalorian. Due to my inability to fall asleep, I ended up binge watching the entire series. 3 AM.

You know, Baby Yoda is cute.

Soooooo cute. But this will make you look at Mandalorians a lot differently. Not the predator at all. And THIS Mandolorian – Mondo – is quite the hottie! Really. We see him ONCE, last episode.


I need to rest. My face feels like it’s been hit with a brick.

I keep telling myself, if I have this, I have a 97% chance of surviving. Then we find out this morning, Herman Cain died from it.


There ya go! Have a nice day! Guy Day tomorrow, anyone?