She doesn’t know this, but I rather look forward to her Media Monday posts. Most of the time, I’m smacked with how little movie and television I watch and other times, hey! I remember that!!!

Media Monday is a weekly post made by ‘Wolf’ in which he asks a couple of questions about various movies and television series and actors/directors/producers. I admit to ignorance about most of the things.Once upon a time, I was big into my television series and movies. I LOVED them. That sort of faded away 20 years ago. These days, for the most part, the only movies I see came from the Tolkien franchise, Star Wars franchise or the Harry Potter franchise. I love Star Trek, but I have NOT loved JJ Abrams reboot. I have a shit-load of Richard movies I should watch – and probably will over the next few days as I’m seriously under the weather, as is Spawn. (Many of my detractors will be sad to know it’s not Corona. It’s allergies. My yard is overgrown and I’m walking mask-less. When Spawn gets off work this afternoon, I”m hot-footing him to the local doc in the box.  Meds take care of his issues, but the minute they wear off, he’s hacking as bad as I ever have. He’s not running a fever and he’s hacking stuff up, so go figure.)

Oh look I’ve wandered. Shiney!

Either way, each week Herba opens my eyes to things I’ve not considered and sometime in the night I thought to myself… y’know… maybe I should try that… it will be different!

I went to the blog linked and man, this has been going on for YEARS. I decided to start at the beginning and discovered it was actually started at another blog, Beat the Fish, but I’m kinda locked out of that. Dunno why.

So the soonest I can begin is the 26th entry and I was rather amused at one of the questions. You’ll see why. If this works, my eyes will be opened to new projects or I realize I DO know some of these names. Maybe

Media Monday # 26

1. For me, the best film with Javier Bardem is the only film I”ve seen him in – No Country For Old Men. I didn’t like it. He was great, but I didn’t like it. My boyfriend at the time, LOVED it! 

2. David Cronenberg did his best directing with The Dead Zone because well, Stephen King and Christopher Walken! For a long time, I was big into the horror genre. Stephen was my favorite author. I don’t know if I’ve told anyone this, but Halloween growing up was my favorite holiday. My dad and I would sit up ALL night watching scary movies (remember this was the late 60’s and 70’s) and my mom would fuss at him! She will be all night!! And Dad would respond – nah, she won’t. She loves this stuff. I did. And I really loved it, sitting next to my dad in my jammies, eating popcorn and Halloween Candy, hiding my eyes during the scary part in Dad’s ribs, and falling asleep somewhere in the middle of the 3rd movie and waking up the next morning in my bed. No nightmares. No bad dreams, Good times! 

I’ve read the majority of Stephen King’s books. Some, more than once. Him and Dean Koontz. I’ve typically been disappointed in the film adaptations of his books. But I did like this one!

Either way – I didn’t see the Dead Zone in the theater. My (now ex) husband and I watched it on television. He wasn’t as big a fan as I was, but we really liked it!

3. For me, the best film with Malin Akerman is not answerable. Like the previous names, I had to look her up. I see she was in CBGB – which I should have watched regardless because it’s Alan Rickman. But I’ve not seen it. She was also in Witchblade – which I did watch faithfully the one season. I remember that I was really disappointed when it was cancelled after the first season, because it ended on cliff hanger! But I don’t remember her or the episode she was in. I have recently downloaded the 1 season series and I”ll get to it. Along with the Baby Yoda series and the Stranger and The Witcher among many many others.

4. If you ask me about my three favorite actors / actresses, I spontaneously remember Alan Rickman, Richard Armitage, and Mel Gibson. I ‘met’ Alan in Quigley Down Under, quickly followed by Robin Hood. I thought Marian messed up – she should have killed the witch, ignored Robin and lived happily ever after with The Evil Sheriff. Do we see a pattern here? Richard comes in a close second. I think it’s the voice for both. I adore Mel’s earlier work – before he lost his mind. 

5. Last week, Sherlock Holmes – game in the shade started in the cinema. It is high time to ask how you like Guy Ritchie’s interpretation of the famous investigator, or who you have loved most so far. Y’know, I’ve NEVER seen any of the Sherlock adaptations. Never. None of ’em. Nope.

6. Also last week, the first official trailer for the Hobbit film was released and has caused some people around me to break into real euphoria, although the release is still a good year away. What film are you waiting for with great anticipation – even if it will only be released in many months or is still completely in the stars? See at the time this questionnaire hit, I was also clamoring for The Hobbit. To the point I didn’t want to be spoiled! I knew it would be full of beautiful scenery, I knew I’d at least recognize and know some of the actors – from the original trilogy, the ONLY actor I was familiar with was John Rhys Davies – thank you Indiana Jones! My thought was – how can such a tall actor play a dwarf??? What sorcery is this? I stayed away from the Vlogs, the trailers, anything from SDCC – I did NOT want to be ‘spoiled’! I wanted to be completely mesmerized and blown away. The ONLY pre-party anything I saw was the unveiling of the Dwarfs.  I thought Dwalin was pretty hot and very alpha! I thought Bofur looked like he would be a good fun time at the local bar. Fili and Kili made me wish I were young again – for some odd reason, I was more drawn to Fili. And then when I saw Thorin – finally – my first thought was – that’s damn fine lookin’ Klingon! At this point of time, I’m anticipating Castlevania S4. Really. 

7. My last film I saw was It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood and it was wonderful because Mr. Rogers.

Before Spawn, I didn’t watch or think so much of Mr. Rogers. Then after Spawn came, he loved Mr Rogers – along with Barney. I learned alot about life and the world along with Spawn. We’d talk about what he’d learned and then he loved Bob Ross. He still loves both. Sometimes I think these two men taught my son more than I did. Or school.

There ya go.

I have a question throwing it out to no one. When I went to Wikipedia to look these people up, to see if I knew them or at least, knew their work, and I’ve noticed this for a while – that people seem to think we need to know what a celebrities religious beliefs are, their political beliefs, their sexual practices. TBH – I’d rather not know that. I’d just like to go see whomever doing their thing. I really don’t want all this extracurricular stuff invading. Professional and private lives should be kept… separate. Just my opinion.

I don’t see me doing this on Mondays. That’s ManCandy Monday and I”m kinda thinking of starting that back up again. If for no one else, for me. I don’t know if I’ll do this on a weekly basis. I just don’t know. It just looked interesting and different. Thank you, Herba.

A little side note – I want to thank those who have stuck it out with me here and other places, albeit quietly or your lovely notes off from here. As you may or may not have guessed, there is a LOT going on with me and believe it or not, I don’t talk about everything in my life. I’ve been trying very hard to keep a humorous outlook while I sort through some personal and health-related issues. Thank you.

Been a while. Have some Richard. I’d dance with him! Hmmm mmm!