I’m just going to cut straight to the chase.

I return to work in 2 weeks, unless the system decides to take the governor’s advice to not reopening until after Labor Day. (Early September) If we do return, we are pretty much banking on another school closure. I”m prepared for this. Kids are receiving their own chromebook for the year, so I will be expected to teach via remote. I’m prepared for this.

I have not shopped in 14 days. Go me.

Mom is going downhill quickly and dad is not only enabling her, but we feel he’s right behind. He’s agreed to allow us power of attorney and understand we must get it before her official diagnosis in a month. Once we get that, we can do the things he refuses to have anything to do with, but he needs. We were there a week. I’m exhausted.

During the week, Spawn took my car to the carwash. While he was going through the drying process, a barefoot, middle aged man walked up to him, with his hands in his pants and a sign that said what he’d do for 5 bucks. It included ‘swallowing’. Of course, Spawn called the cops and gave them a very good description of the crackhoe.

This is in a very rural county and this is happening.

Between school, my parents, me writing again, and my total ire with the stupidity of the Democratic Party in this country, I think it’s probably for the best I take a step back before I lose anymore friends. I might be gone a month. I might be gone until Thanksgiving or Christmas or next year.

I might not ever come back. I just don’t know. That’s just what kind of mood I”m in right now and that I”ve been in for a while.

Most of you know how to reach me.

Oh. If any of you would please share this, I know a lot of children who would appreciate some instrument that won’t fall apart or shatter when they use them.


here. Have some Richard.