temporarily sated.

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By that, I mean, at this moment, I’m breathing a little easier.


Well, as easy as one can breathe while he’s around.

lots of rambling behind the cut. Also Guy eventually.

First – Spawn is pretty over the fact someone put their hands on him in an unkind way. I’m not, so much, but he’s okay and venturing out again. Knock on wood, it could have been worse.

Second – Anticipating that I might be forced to wear a mask (that I can’t wear without triggering asthma attacks within 5 minutes) I broke down and bought a few lightweight cloth masks. They’re useless, but they make others feel better and maybe I can breathe in them.

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Yes, I have a tunic and boots that go with it. I figured I’d get the most wear out of this one


Edit: Word just came down that the city I live in has passed a mask ordinance. Disgust. Well, we’ll see how these work with my breathing and pray for the best. If not – I simply can’t.

Third – Of course, a week after I ordered them (and yes, a few others. We won’t say how many) we received the following notice from our school system – which is another reason why I’m ‘sated’ – –

See, this was our fear –

It’s a legitimate fear. The CDC didn’t contact any educator, except maybe the heads of the NEA, who are nothing more than Left-wing money hoes! The ‘suggestions’ were ludicrous. It’s obvious no one who made up this list has been in a school since they were in school back in the Stone Ages! But this is the email we got

  • school will return to business as usual, mostly. On time. There will be a few changes. but for the most part, it’s a regular class with a regular school day and they’ll go to connections and lunch room and recess.
  • There are no plans to remote. Some children have audio immune issues and those will be dealt with on a case by case basis. Otherwise there are no plans to do both in class and remote teaching.
  • There will be added hand sanitizers stations through out the school
  • We will need to teach pre K and KK that they cannot eat or drink the hand sanitizer. Did I mention I’m allergic to hand sanitizer? It sets off an asthma attack.
  • There will be no extracurricular adults in the building. That means no, mom, dad, grandparents can’t bring them in and walk them to class. Instead….
  • PreKK and KK will go to the gym and their teachers will pick them up.
  • Mask wearing is completely optional. I am happy with this because, well, asthma.
  • All students will be provided a chromebook so they can still do work if (when) we are closed down again. It’s up to them to find hot spots if they don’t have internet.
  • All students will be provided thermometers for mom and dad to use on them before school. This, of course, will give mom and dad time to give them motrin, tylenol or advil so they’ll have a normal temperature for at least half the school day. Yes, parents WILL do this!
  • All of these new things will create new classroom ‘jobs’

I like this guy. For the record, YES HE IS a elementary principal. And a damn good one, I understand. He’s head on and brings much levity to an occupation that has a high number of members with depression as well as stress related issues. He hits the nose on the head.

Fourth – I return in 3 weeks. This has been by far, the longest summer vacay ever. I am planning some changes to my room. More centralized with the interactive television. Lots of clorox wipes. Softer lighting. I’m looking at purchasing remote music lessons when just in case we close again.

Fifth – I have a friend whose classroom instruments are falling apart.

These are dangerous. There is no way the system can replace. All schools in the state have been told to cut budgets by 14%.  So no budget for music. There is a DonorsChoose to replace them. Please feel free to share the link.



Face it. He’s just pretty! 

Sixth – After several weeks of mom calling various children (including me) melting down because a) dad was taking a nap and b) she couldn’t find her mother (who has been dead for over 22 years), she had a day of lucidity (we’re hoping it’s her meds FINALLY kicking in) and called my brother and asked him some VERY important questions and asked for the truth. He explained she was having memory lapses. She knew her parents were dead – thought no one had told her. My brother informed her she DID know and was there at their sides when they did. She knew she only has 2 brothers remaining alive and named them. There were 9 and now there are 3.

We feel now is the perfect time for a serious intervention. Dad has absolutely refused to have anything to do with any outside help and I think right now, is the best time to sit down and force the issue – including Power of Attorney. The last thing we want is the State to take over. So one to all of us need to be in charge. I plan to head that way as soon as my garage door is fixed. (It’s stuck at the halfway point. Maintenance got it kinda sorta down, but it needs more help. I don’t want to be gone when they come to fix it.


7th – I’m writing – I’ve picked up 2 fics many think are abandoned, years and years, so these would be fandoms you’re probably NOT familiar with. In fact, I don’t even know where one of them is even archived at anymore. Oh well. But it will be finished! William Edward updated around July 4th at all the usual places.


8th – I found my kindle. After 2 months, found my kindle, put up and buried. But I found it. I have missed it deeply. Crazy, right?


9th I have not been shopping in 3 days. My current goal is 90 days. This will mean 3 (large) payments on the credit cards. In the meantime, I have scored the following in the last couple of weeks.

The ugly black flats will go under my desk, so I can be fashionable when I arrive and leave and comfortable during the day. The white tee and white bolero are replacements for discolored and worn out previous items. The pretty yellow cardigan is VERY heavy, so it will be a late fall or early spring (winter here even) that high/low grey cowl neck is going to be my favorite cool weather lounge around the house in top. The geranium outfit (soft orange) was the surprise so far. Typically when I purchase ankle pants, they are normal length on me and capris are ankle pants. These are standard capris! Go just below the knee! Means I probably can’t wear them to work. MUCH too casual. The wide legged pants are becoming preferred bottoms – they are cooler than the leggings and skinny pants I prefer. I look like a cow but I’ve reached the stage of comfort over fashion.

Not really, that’s a lie, but I love how they feel on me.



I want to think I have enough clothes. Think nothing – I HAVE ENOUGH CLOTHES however the fall catalogs hit my home yesterday and I’m panting with deep desire. Happily, I won’t need any sort of fall clothing until November. So my 90 days are doable if I can find some modicum of self-control and THAT my friends, is the kicker.

I keep telling myself if I don’t spend for three months and just make the payments as usual, I’ll have damn near 400.00 to spend in October…. Also I can lose the 10 to 15 pounds I’ve gained so my clothes should look better on me….

10th – In case you haven’t notice, I have loaded RABBBWW with lovely summer healthy recipes with stuff other than chicken. I mean, there is still a lot of chicken, but there’s other stuff too, like stuff I won’t eat but I know Katy does – SEAFOOD! Go check it out! I’ve set up stuff to post at semi-regular intervals because I’m not sure how long this feel good swing is going to last, y’know? I just didn’t want y’all to think I had died or anything.

Happy Guy Day.

Y’all have a good weekend.