My son was assaulted.

He ran a late evening errand – it’s one he does often and he didn’t bother to take his phone with him, he’s normally only gone 5 minutes. Either way, he was approached by a person in need.

Anyone who knows Spawn knows he’s the gentlest and compassionate of people and he was trying his best to help this person find a solution to their problem.

While doing so, a ‘woman’ walked up behind him and shoved him in the head, pushing him forward. When he turned and asked her what was wrong, she told him to watch himself and then bowed up and called him a White Stupid Ass. She then bounced around, daring him to come after her.

My son is a better person than I. He returned to his conversation, trying to help a person in need. (He did end up helping the person.)

I’m sick of this. I’m sick of the race baiting. I’m sick of blaming politicians for poor behavior. I’m tired of the excuses – why looting is ‘okay’, why destruction of property is ‘okay’, why attacking people is ‘okay’.

It’s not okay! This is bullshit, it’s a shit-show and I’m fed up with it. I don’t know what satisfaction that bitch got from shoving my son or putting her hands on him, but she should be damned glad I wasn’t there!

I’m going to be quiet for a long, long time. I’m passed fed-up!