It is morning in my corner of the world! So, good morning, how fare we all?

I was woken up at close to 8 AM (another bout of uninterrupted sleep! It does a body good, I’m telling you!) by the sound of blue lights in front of my house. People drive through here very fast and a speeder was pulled over. I recognize the car – always zipping through here and truth is, I’m glad to see our police force isn’t defunded or disbanded. There are a lot of families riding their bikes on the road these days and there isn’t anywhere really to pull to the side when cars come through. I’m constantly terrified that someone will be hit. Some months back, an adult who rode his bike to work and back (I assume this as he rode somewhere at 2 PM and rode back around 11 PM) was hit in front of my house. He survived and he was back to biking – with MANY reflectors – several months later.

Either way, I hope people figure it out. I’m a softie when it comes to kids and kids on bikes. They can own the road.

Someone posted one of the funniest vids on my news feed on FB yesterday. I’ve peed myself, several times.

I have not laughed so hard in a long, long time.

About my header –  We’ll just say that I – among many others – have been looking for a social platform that doesn’t treat us like children and censors anything. ‘Cuz y’know we might see something someone doesn’t want us to see, not that it’s their business. I’m not fully Twexit yet, because I now have other things going on and to be honest, I’m not there that often. But… A few of my friends have been talking about Parler and I joined last night. I’m surprised about how many friends I have already there.


It is Guy Day, the best day of the week.

Have a great weekend!