I started coughing. Not the dry, Covid cough, but a non-stop, asthmatic lets-bring-everything-up hack. I’ve coughed myself a headache. We can’t find the cough drops and I don’t want to take anything druggy, so Spawn jumped in the car and went to the neighborhood stop n rob and grabbed some halls.

So right now, I’m sucking on some honey-lemon-menthol ‘goodness’ and when it’s done, I’m going to take some tylenol and whine.

But why wait for a good whine? I’ll have it now!

000 Jumanji

My father is going to be the death of me! Really! Since mom’s decline, he’s taken over the household that has been HER domain for almost 59 years. The  bills, the housecleaning and the cooking. The bills are now paid haphazardly, (mom sat down at the beginning of the month and paid them. BAM! That’s how I do it! Dad spreads them out and pays this one today and then waits to pay the next one. It’s not like the amount is going to decrease, he just… waits. When she’s herself, she fusses to no end about it.) and cooking… they are living on Eggo Waffles, pre-cooked sausage and Tortino’s pizza. It’s NOT healthy. He doesn’t give her her meds until WELL after lunch and she vomits them up because she took them on an empty stomach – so while we’re trying to get someone in the house to help with that (home health care nurse through their insurance) I called Meals on Wheels. MoW is a free food delivery service for those who are home bound. All they have to do is heat the food up.

So I called them, gave them the info and gave them the ‘rents phone number. The main piece of info I was given was – tell your dad to tell them neither of your parents drive. If they drive, even across the street, they’ll deny them.

So I all dad, he’s all happy and shit and then I tell him – tell them you don’t drive.

Hon, that’s lying.

Not really. Someone takes you to the doctor, etc. You do EXTREMELY little driving! So tell them no you do not drive! You’ve paid taxes always, so you’ve paid for this.

I don’t need the food that bad.

And he hangs up.

Folks, my father is NOT a stubborn man. He’s a push-over. Mom has run everything since I can remember! I contact the Sibling Hotline. Oldest brother is taking them to dinner that night. He’ll push it forward. If he can’t talk sense into him, we’ll release the Kraken – aka baby sister. She’s Mini-Mom! And then I have the nuclear option if THAT doesn’t work.

Oldest brother pings the Sibling Hotline yesterday. Dad’s not buying it. Fighting it tooth and toenail. Lying.

So I released the nuclear option. I called my aunt – his sister.

Her husband is fighting Alzheimers, so she has a few tricks up her sleeve. She calls dad and tells him – Do it for your wife. She NEEDS eat better than that.

To which he rolls over and agrees. He then tells me he’s lost the phone and the ringer was turned off.  *headdesk*

Spawn and I got out of the house yesterday (has NOTHING to do with the coughing, k?) and picked up meds and picked up meds, had dinner at our favorite Mexican eatery up there, ran into a friend of Spawn’s parents – who contacted friend and while we were waiting on food, they ordered her a plate and he went and got her. They had a nice time talking and what.

We also went to the Chinese grocery to pick up rock sugar, big ass cinnamon sticks and a few other essentials the Chinese market HERE doesn’t carry. We also picked up these –

Chopsticks for Spawn


And of course, chopsticks for me!


I was reading my news feed this morning (between watching vids of a drunk pig and Dr. Pimple Popper) and I see where the rioters are now threatening rural areas – they’re coming after us.

000 rioters

Sweet Jesus in a teacup!

In other news, fighter jets have been taking off fair steady for the last 3 hours. Just weird.

Before I get to Guy, I wanted to share something else I read this morning that is probably the best thing I’ve read in months!

000 stop

There ya go. How about some Guy?

Have a good one.