are returning.

Yes! American baseball players will finally step foot on the field, hats and bats at the ready. I’m not a HUGE fan, but I enjoy the sport when I’m there. The first year my brother was a father, he took great pride in taking his son to the Braves game played on Father’s Day. It was a great, family experience – the entire family went. That row of tickets were purchased 3 months previously!

Doesn’t matter the child was 5 weeks old. His seat was bought and purchased before he was born and my brother was so stinking proud, he showed him off to EVERYONE he could wrangle walking by!

But I digress.

I woke this morning (after 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep, can’t tell you how blessed I feel! This means my blood sugar is DOWN! YAS!!!) and grabbed my tablet to read Abby and see what interesting things had happened to my email during my beloved rest, to see this headline from one of my more favorite Conservative news sites.

Baseball is back, but will we recognize it? 

And see, that is the question.

The normal baseball season begins in April. Early April. This abbreviated season will begin July 24th. Players will report to camp on July 1st, giving them scant weeks, when typically, they’ll have a few months. There will only be 60 games and they’re going to force designated hitters on the conference that doesn’t have them.

Designated hitters are an insult. Really.

Also – it appears, they’ll be playing in empty stadiums. No fans.

Which sucks donkey balls, unless it’s the Marlins who don’t seem to have many fans anyhoo.


There will be other changes – runners on 2nd in case of extra innings. Teams that are slow starters are screwed!

But…. BASEBALL!!!!!!

My son is happy because Formula One is starting back up finally.

So right this second, the Zee household is a happy household.

I have to head to Savannah today – pick up the meds we didn’t get to go get yesterday. Spawn went to sleep and took a nap he normally takes MUCH later and I didn’t want to drive that by myself. I don’t like traveling alone anymore.

Also, he drives and I can read.

So I have a day ahead, so I give you some Guy.

Have a good one.