And how are we all???

Georgia has begun to reopen the economy. Certain businesses are being allowed to reopen. I’m looking forward to Monday when restaurants can reopen for in-house dining. We’re going Chinese!!!!


We will not be eating bat-soup. That’s gross anyway!

I’m hoping the nail salons will reopen. My toes are nasty and dwarves would be chasing me. My beard is impressive!


I went on my old neighborhood’s facebook last night. They are telling everyone WHO has toilet paper and oh by the way they’ve got food trucks from various restaurants coming through twice a week now for the last 6 weeks!


I have a new one-shot up at DreamerFiction – In This House. It’s Trevor/Sypha smutfest. I’m rather fond of Trevor and I’ve shipped Trevor/Syphia since S1.

I’m waiting on the FedEx truck. ALMOST the rest of my clothes from my buying spree 2 weeks ago are due – uhm – YESTERDAY! I’ve discovered when FedEx says my shipment is out for delivery, it means I’ll get it one to two days AFTER it says it’s out. If I get it today, I”ll be shocked.

Spawn is watching as well. See, in this shipment is this…

Spawn shirt

He likes tropical prints, okay? He picked it out!!! I’ve been trying to update his wardrobe all year. Last October,I was helping him fold his laundry and I was stunned at the threadbare clothing he was wearing. I tossed more underwear!!! We’ve been working on that and now he’s said he has enough Hanes and enough Crazy Boxers! But not decent shirts. I’m thinking some new jeans are in his near future. Not from online tho. Too many variables.

Keep your fingers crossed. He’s job hunting really hard and we’re hoping enough people decide they’re making more money sitting home on unemployment than they do at work,  as we reopen our lives, so maybe he can slide in and get that job!

What I’m waiting for are these –

white high low

I have this in dark blue (not navy) and I love it! I can wear this with more pants!

angelina tunic 2 R

I love red. It’s my 2nd favorite color. I have this in burgundy and it’s absolutely the most comfortable tunic I own. I love it that much. I bought it for mom in a blue print. I might buy more. They be cheap!


This was a freebie for buying stuff. After the fact, I got to looking. See, this looks familiar.

Oh yeah – LAST year’s freebie…


I love Kimonos!! Obviously!

So all I have left are

Honest, I don’t remember buying the yellow pants. I have plenty of white tops, black tops to go with them I guess. I’m sure I have some print with enough yellow in it to be okay. The capris, I’ve already gotten the ‘soft geranium’ (see soft orange-red) tee shirt that I’ve bought to go with it. I have 2 pairs of capris that are actually ankle pants on me. I’ve seen enough teachers at school wear capris, so I’m probably going to do so, seeing how our weather tends to be HOT until late October and returns to it in late March.

Now, you’d think I’d be satisfied, right???? RIGHT???

But that’s another topic for another day. I’ve given myself RULES I must obey. *cough*

Are you ready for some Guy love??? I’m ALWAYS up for Guy Love!!!

There ya have it. Have a great weekend folks.