Received an email this week informing me that according to my contract, I’m bound to things until June 30th. Let’s ruminate on the fact if things were normal, we’d be done  by Memorial Day.


So Zee is wanting to chew on a bone. I have a few unpopular opinions, at least in THIS arena. We’ll just leave it at that. For now.

unnamed (22)

I have designated Saturday as House Cleaning Day – because I’ve done NONE – AND I told Spawn to hide all of the clothing catalogs. All these sales and I just cannot cope.


I’m watching a mama bluejay test twigs on my back patio. I’ve seen her a lot over the last 24 hours. I believe she’s building a nest in the corner of my back yard – probably near my bathroom window. I’ll let you know. Birds are quite the architects!


How about some GuyDay??? I bet you thought I’d never ask.

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The Adam’s Apple Bob of Sex!!!