I finally heard from one of my co-workers who said everything was fine after the storms went through. Lots of rain and thunder! Phone service has been intermittent. I’m relieved.

Also got my stimulus check! Trying NOT to shop – giving my son some fundage, because he’s been generous the end of the month for the last 2 months, as well as make extra payments on all of the credit cards and then – NEW PHONE!!! When the computer stores open back up, I’m getting added ram on this monster, who is slower than slag!

William Edward is UP at Dreamerfiction, ffnet, and AO3! Will probably go up at EFFN later this week.

I either have a bad case of tendinitis in my right pointer and thumb or carpel-tunnels. I’m praying it’s just tendinitis. It’s getting worse by the day. Might have to call my doctor pretty soon about it.

New med dosages are bringing my blood sugar down slowly. This is so crazy – I get it down and then it jumps up and I have to start all over.

And now – some ManCandy! Enjoy!

tumblr_pigcp4r4hN1s1oat1o1_5406ef0e8dd27c6a94323611faf506eaa6b91101a5d34f031de65a515239a60535b--haircut-long-long-haired-men759183eb9c74c2a63998e117409577e3--long-hair-man-chris-hemsworth0903767929b53ec60ed5a908233c9774cb26c8a7fb1b814a321d32b813667d9c4bdd72466752dbbe3e16e1ce926d73d0--long-haired-men-big-hairKilt gerryLHman1imageproxy.phpb23919ffa3dbb84725d64cafa7d0b6ac--hot-wet-attractive-guys90f91f1ac1815d8a586b78a118268ee6--older-men-male-portraits85df5142316c40ca48c78342d9594fccnickbatemanjudd nelson

He still makes my teenaged heart go pitter pat!


As always, savin’ the best for last.

Ya’ll have a good one.