And happy Sunday!


I am digging deep for some retail therapy. NOTHING at Zulily grabs my eye. Nada. I don’t know if it’s my ire at the credit card company – who has screwed me royally twice in 4 months – or the fact i don’t trust their sizing system.

Ah me

Full Beauty (Roamans/Womanwithin/JessicaLondon) is another story.  Right now, they are having the huge sale that gets me EVERY time, except, my card is full and the sale will end before I get paid.

angelina tunic burgundy

This is a popular top. It’s been on my wish list in different colors over the last few years. It always sells out in MY color by the time I get around to it. Dammit.


crepe pants

These are so pretty!!! And dressy! Like for church! They sold out in my size and this color in a week last year!

drape back ecru

I have this in white – it’s so pretty, so why do I want it in ecru??? Take a good look at the tail – hard to see. It’s not like that in the other colors.

lace front top

I should ‘want’ this in other colors because this color won’t look good on me. But I don’t like how the crochet bib looks on the other colors. Besides, I have things in the other colors..

Sick, isn’t it?


pin tucked ww

If it weren’t for purple, red would be my favorite color. LOL!

hi lo georgette tunice jl

I love this. I do I do. It’s already getting too hot to wear long sleeves and it’s such a SRPINGY color!

georgette ultra tunic 2 R

This too. I don’t know, my room tends to stay cool at school. Either one would be okay.

Asymetrical tunic

Guess what this year’s color is???

Oh well, no clothes for me. I’ll just look. I need to save up some money anyway.

Okay. Maybe ONE thing… maybe!

The IRS website is being an ass and while I SHOULD have had my tax return back by now, (which would have been a gamechanger for the above picspam!) they’ve rejected it yet again for an ‘incorrect code’ (NOT!) and I’m going to just have to snail mail it when I get home. I have extra payments to make on a few credit cards, plus a new phone. The one I have is fair useless.

I probably mentioned we went to the grocery yesterday. Shelves weren’t EMPTY, but.


My mom is driving me nuts. I woke up this morning with a growing weight on my legs. She’s put 5 quilts and God knows how many pillows on the bed and every night, I take all of them off. There is NO room for me at all. It’s caused problems with my sleep. Either way I wake up this morning and she’s piling ALL that shit on me. I asked her to stop and she says – I thought you were cold.

Why? Was I shivering???

I’ve contacted my siblings. We need to stage an intervention. Neither one of my parents cook anymore, so needless to say, I was saddened – and angered – at my dad’s ‘grocery list’ he made yesterday (in addition to mine.) Pre-cooked sausage, eggos, and tortinos pizza. And Cokes! That’s what they live on. Spawn and I sat down with the recipes at RABBBWW and pulled ingredients for 7 healthy, diabetic friendly meals. Now mom is upset because there is FOOD in the refrigerator and freezer!

I can’t.

Right now, we have pork chops thawing out so we can make raspberry and lemon pork chops for dinner tonight.

I wrote until 2 AM this morning. There is ONE scene left in William’s story arc – the penultimate, climatic scene this story as been aiming for since I started it – oh 4 years ago. So I hope to have it finished today or tomorrow and sent to the betas.


sometime today, I need to shower, dress up and have Spawn take some ‘outdoor’ pictures for the Spirit Week staff is putting on at the school Facebook. I’ll share.

Monday – Me outside, taking in the sun…

yeah right!


QuaRAntine Day 14 – Most annoying character. 

Oh dear God, Lee, hands down!

Beautifully annoying!!! Here! I let you appreciate how annoying he is some more! Coming and going!

Thank you for putting up with me in my cabin fever dotage. Spawn and I are talking about sliding out of here a day early maybe. I don’t know. The cats will figure it out and become pains the minute it looks as if we’re packing it up. We should probably pack them up first. Catch them off guard.

Ya’ll have a great day of social distancing!