Happy self-contained weekend to you all! We went to the grocery this afternoon – omg, my parents pantry is EMPTY and what they are eating will kill them if this keeps up! Pre-cooked sausage, eggo waffles and pizza. Pretty much every single day! Spawn and I dragged them to the grocery with a list and a weeks worth of menu – taken directly from RABBBWW! God have mercy! Most of us weren’t wearing masks – I started with one, but took it off because mostly what it accomplished was fog up my glasses. We kept our distances for the most part and people were cordial and friendly.

You go first. 

No, YOU go first

Babe, you’re blocking the aisle. Go first! 

Ah, Okay! 


The Greater Atlanta Area has gone on complete lock down. Only necessary workers are allowed out and about. You can go to the grocery and the pharmacy, but that’s it. And now, the entire state is under notice you have to be HOME (unless you’re an emergency or medical worker) at 9 PM. Means Spawn and I will probably leave Saturday or EARLY Sunday to head back home. We’ll probably stay and not return, even though we have 3 weeks before we MIGHT return to school. Spawn and I will need to find somewhere where we can walk in peace. He’s getting cabin fever bad!

This week, for work, I accomplished quite a bit! My lesson plans (half that I can’t use this year) are done for the rest of the year, my standards for KK are unpacked, put in kid-friendly language and I can statements are done. These will pretty much work for 75% of my 1-5! And my extra special, kid friendly set up for my music room is done. I’m going to work on the standards/I can for the rest of the classes and sign up for some Online professional development. They’re FREE! So, yeah, gotta take ’em!


Costco has posted signs that they will NOT be refunding for bulk toilet paper, paper towels, wet wipes, or sanitizer. People are realizing that they’re going to be SHORT come rent time next Wednesday! HAH!

I have written the epilogue of William Edward’s story. I now have something to aim for and there is a light at the end of the tunnel. For those who don’t know, I tend to write the end of a piece when I’m heading down the stretch with a fic. It usually makes things move faster.


This virus has brought out the best in people. It’s brought out the worst in a few, but it’s brought out the best in the majority. I have faith in my fellow man.

I’m having a really hard time NOT doing any retail therapy. Really. REALLY! But right now, I’m standing strong.

That might change when I get paid Monday!

And now…


#13 – Favorite Season finale.

Castlevania Season 2. Our parting shot of Trevor is him riding off in a wagon, with a talented, intelligent, beautiful (if anime drawn) young lady, who apparently LIKES him and he’s happy for the first time in God knows how many years. Alacard even questions her – are you SURE??? Yeah. She’s sure.

I think I’m going to rewatch a specific scene so I can lay out my little one shot this weekend. Tonight or tomorrow.

When I finish William. Must finish William. And then after that and after this little one shot is done, I can focus on Gary.

And Reaper.

and my old old old fic that I have no idea WHERE I’m going to post it as everywhere it was posted are gone. Except for AFF and I don’t know if I remember the password.

Ah well. I hope you’ve had a great day today. Staying in. Reading. Cleaning. Whatever. Stay in. Stay safe. Wash your hands! This virus’s molecules are held together by GREASE so wash your hands, dammit It doesn’t like hot stuff, so coffee and hot tea are excellent and DO NOT TAKE ADVIL/IBUPROFEN! Ibuprofen makes it worse. Tylenol and aspirin!

There. My work for today is done! Love you all! (Even those who are mad at me and not speaking to me, ya turds!)