Okay so yesterday I accidentally posted Day 5, so today I’ll REALLY post day 4.

We are in the Interior. Fighting with internet for the last 18 hours, my school’s chromebook isn’t working, a LOT of websites I NEED aren’t working (need for work) – it’s just a whole lotta NOT FUN!

And I need a nap. Didn’t sleep well last night


Yep. I have a nap in my immediate future! 10 minutes


#4 What is your favorite episode.

Any episode with Trevor. Deities shitting in his dinner, beer being better than sex, his… big stick… I’m a fucking Belmont and I fear neither man nor fucking beast… reflexes like a cat. Really. Any episode with Trevor. I could do him. A few times. maybe more than a few times.

Nap. Must nap.