And welcome to Day 4.

As soon as I finish this, we are packing the car, packing the cats and heading into the Interior for several weeks. I have work to do. Work even loaned me a work Chrome Book, so I won’t get my stuff all over it. *nodnod* I’m looking forward to seeing my parents. Everything is packed – luggage wise – and all we have to do is load the car, bring the trashcan back (that’s what we were waiting on) catch the cats and we’re gone, baby!

how is your quarantine going? Cabin fever yet? Spawn and I went to Starbucks last night only to discover only the drivethrough was open. That was pretty much the story everywhere. My cousin was laid off and because she had only been there since November, no unemployment for her. I’m rather… meh… on stimulus packages of any kind, but word has it we’re getting one and we’re supposed to get it fast, if that idiot in charge of Congress would stop loading it with political asswipe bullshit. 


Speaking of asswipe…


My son went out the other day for toilet paper. We wish to come to my parents, bearing gifts. This is what he saw

Should I mention there have been NO cases in my county???

So either or, I’m still not worried. ANYWAY! That’s the update from my end of the world. Onward!


Heh. Ya’ll love this. It’s a toss up of either

S1Ep1 – because – NO TREVOR! or

S3E9 – where Alacard and Hector were getting a LOT of fabulous sex and Trevor wasn’t. No, Trevor and Sypha were fighting demon creatures released from hell, saving the world and Alacard and Hector were getting laid. Alacard was having a threesome. Middle of an MMF sandwich.

Trevor's pecs

See, that’s a FINE specimen of a man. Definitely deserving of some nekked horizontal bop. Hmmm mmm.

ZOMG THIS IS DAY 5, NOT DAY 4!!!!  zomgimsostewpidwheretheeffismybrain…! TOMORROW, DAY 4. GEEZ!

Ya’ll have a good day, doing whatever people in quarantine do. I’m still figuring that out.