So for those of you who were wondering WHY on earth I posted a mancandy Monday on Thursday – it’s simple.

We were off Monday – Wednesday and Thursday was the first day back, so I kinda screwed up and thought it was Monday.

I’m getting old. Sue me.

I was bent over a table today (writing up a rude student and a little one informed me I had white hair over my ear. Yes, I do. Damn proud of it. I’m 58 years old. I should have more than that dozen white hairs.

It has also been blue cold all of a sudden. So yesterday, I wore (fake) leather pants, with a long sweater tunic and black booties. One of my 5th grade football players informed me it was a most excellent outfit!

And here I thought all of my outfits were most excellent!

So now, as it is GuyDay, we shall commence with. well… GUYDAY!!!

This, my friends, is the only way to start the weekend!!!