Happy Monday! I am home until Thursday morning, counting the days to our next break (which I believe is spring break, the beginning of April) and then summer vacation the end of May. I am writing and lots of it. I’m praying William Edward’s arch will be wrapped up before spring break and then I can focus on Gary for a short time. And Reaper. And a little fic I set aside years and years ago. It’s close to being done and the muses have been content to ignore it for a while. Truth is, I’ve not heard Haldir or Severus’s voices in a long time. However, they’ve begun to whisper. And I need to listen.

I hate having untied ends.

Anyway, you’re not here to listen to me whine or wax poetically. You’re here for the mancandy!


Yeah, a few manips in there, but… who cares. It’s the face that counts!!