This past week was so awful,  I contented myself with listening to a lot of Faun. And writing a LOT of angry William.

He finished the goblet and set it down, lifting a finger to let the king know he wasn’t done. “Furthermore, if anything happens to me or mine, my sons, daughter, grandchildren… there are those who will tell your barons the favour I was coerced into doing for a young, frightened king.” He leaned over the table separating him from his lord. “And then you will discover exactly who is loyal to you and who is loyal to England.”

Edward drew himself in, his face reddening. Whereas he had resembled his great-great-grandfather moments before, he now was an angry, mulish little boy William bowed to so many years ago. “Get out.” he whispered. “Take your whore and go home. You are not welcome in my court.” He pointed his finger at the door. “You are no longer welcome in my court.”

The Black Knight shrugged. “Court is over-rated.”

I mean, that boy is mad! 30 pages worth, I kid you not. I’m thinking 30 more pages will more than finish his part in this story. Maybe not even that much.

I’ve also watched the first episode of The Stranger. Holy Cow!!! Counting the days to March 5th.