And aren’t you glad?

Yes, I’m a bit early, but for the time being, I’m going to have to be ‘good’ about NOT being on Social Media at any time while Captain PITA exorts all control. Hopefully, he’ll relax by the end of the year.

Had my first angry parental phone call today. Apparently, she took offense at my bathroom policy. (In short, you don’t ask. I’ll say no, unless you have a doctor’s excuse. I see them for 45 minutes, once a week, and if I let one go, they all have to go. My class ends up being one giant potty break.) Child is 9 and is just now getting around to telling mom and mom informed me she didn’t CARE about the other kids – if her daughter wanted to go to the bathroom, I was let her go.

I told her send a doctor’s excuse and i’d be happy to oblige.

She then went off about how I wasn’t listening and by that time, I wasn’t. Spoke to the teacher, as well as a few others who told me the woman was beyond petty. She went after an office staffer and threatened to call the board, and the staff said – hold on, I’ll put you through and transferred her.

I’m willing to bet she sends a note and I’m going to ignore it or send it back  needing a doctor’s signature. People. Please. Even my kinders know better. She should.

EITHER WAY! Before I get started – LOOK AT THIS!!!!


Kill me now, can’t wait for The Stranger and WHEN IS CASTLEVANIA????

And now… highly anticipated Guy Day!

Guy Grins!

Have a good one!