boring house/room pictures behind the cut!

I’ve been working hard this weekend!

I’ve been unpacking boxes in the dining room – mostly books – so I could get to the walls. I try to group my books, so I can find what I’m looking for easier. Mostly by author and genre. Some authors get their own shelf.

That would be Terry Brooks and Star Wars. Robert Jordan/Brandon Sanderson have their own shelf, when I unpack them, as well as The Cat Who Series and Emily Brightwell. My religious books will have a shelf. Devotionals, bibles and bible studies. I need to buy a new book case for all of my music. That will go in the living room and i’ll discuss it in a minute.

I have genres that get an entire bookcase.


That is mostly romance, although the top shelf right now is Stephen King and Dean Koontz.

And then there’s THIS monster…


The top shelf has junk, so more book room, eventually and the 3rd shelf has junk and cookbooks. I need a new shelf/bookcase for the cookbooks unless i break down and paint the ugly yellow thing – which is probably what I’ll do in the spring. That bottom row is a massive chunk of Readers Digest Condensed Books. All the action with the boring stuff cut out. Many many many years ago, I read a condensed version of The Pride and the Peacock, by Victoria Holt. Years later I read the regular version. Liked it better. I also read a highly edited version of The Stand (Stephen King) back when it was first released. He was a relatively new author and his publisher said it was too big and gave him the option of editing it. When I read the unread version years later (after he was a huge success and they republished it) I was amazed at all the detail that was cut out. Both were terrifying and kept me up all night long when I finished them – even the 2nd go round!

I’m sad to admit that this is probably only 1/3rd of my books. I’m unpacking books that weren’t unpacked at the last house and I have fewer bookcases this time. Many of the hardbacks will go on sale at Amazon.

Anyway, because I unpacked a bunch of boxes, mostly of books, I was able to hang some things. My dining room mostly.


Somewhere there is a 4th bear, which I’ve not seen since I packed them in 2010. Football player. I have two small cat books and a few lighthouse thimbles that will join them When I find them.


Those boxes on top will go out in the garage. IF I remember, they are Christmas greenery.

That picture was hung in my bedroom, but I think it looks better here. The matting matches the paint (it’s supposed to be neutral, but they painted over a deep burgundy red so it’s pink) and the outer matting matches the curtains, which I’ll show at a later date.

IMG_20200120_1603241 (1)

My mother bought the 2 lighthouse pictures for my son and then decided as there were ‘flowers’ it was too girly. I wouldn’t like her take them back, so they’ve hung in the dining room since then. I need to find my water goblets. I was going to turn the bookcase facing this way, but it would have crammed these on the wall and I figured I’m going to have enough in here.

I need to find my goblets.

Getting these three pieces hung is a chore for me. Getting them lined up. It’s the only things I TRY to line up!

Now that most of those boxes are unpacked, I can put down the rugs and move the dining room table over so I can deal with THIS!


Every bit of that goes IN the china cabinet. I just need to clear it out, put the glass shelves back in (they’re in the bottom and I pray they aren’t broken) and then set everything up.

Oh, the blue crate doesn’t go in there. That’s the paper plates and plastic silverware and cups we lived in the last week before we moved and the first week or 2 after we moved.

My living room is proving to be quite the pill. The set up I planned isn’t working.


The inside wall is crammed and I need to put a music bookcase up. Badly. I turned the sofa longways, like I had it at my last home, in an attempt to make the room cozier, but apparently, it’s longer than I thought (over 7 feet, closer to 8) and the room is barely 10 feet wide. I’m thinking MAYBE I can swap the bookcases and my big comfy chair, move the couch down a foot or two and put the ottoman in the middle of the room.


And the spring catalogs are out and truth be told, I”m just NOT in the mood.

I realize this is probably really silly. It’s been 5 months, this should have been done before Halloween. But I work really slow and when I finish, it’s not half assed done!

In other news, it’s going down to 27 tonight and will be blue effing cold tomorrow. I’m thinking my heavy long olive green sweater tunic with the cowl neck and thumb holes with black leggings and my black thigh highs. Yup. They’ll be warm!

Back to work for me tomorrow, so I need to pack my lunch, get everything ready to go. Charge up everything.

Slave slave slave.

Have some (more) Richard. The bum edition!