Good evening and how are we all??? Did we survive the New Year festivities or were we like me and in bed with comfy jammies, kitty slippers and a book??? That’s where I was at midnight! Where were you???

The fireworks behind my house were spectacular. As some know, I live almost on top of a military base and the noise some nights is deafening. It was last night. Went on until 1 AM! (State law says they can)

2019 had challenges and blessings. I swapped a crappy job that wore me out and depressed me for one that paid a little bit less, but has been such a blessing. My blood sugar reached new highs, I had the move from hell, both physically and financially. But it was what it was and I can only learn from it and move on.

Resolutions, Top 10 and Reading Challenge behind the cut. Oh and probably some Richard.

After decades of refusing to even think ‘Resolutions’ I am now doing them. They should sound familiar, but yet (again) I’m determined to stick to them for more than a few days.

  1. Get my blood sugar under control. With me it’s feast or famine. Usually famine. This past year, my blood glucose saw over 500 more than once. More than a few times over 500. 400+ seem to be a norm for me. My blood pressure went up. I know what caused that. I put a stop to it! This year, I saw too much death in friends and family. I had a dear dear friend in another fandom fight the good fight for a third time, only to lose her battle. She was a grandmother and she was younger than me. My mom’s A1C came back at 12.5 a month ago. They changed her meds and over the holidays, her blood sugar was 95-110. That’s perfect. 99% of my blood sugar problems is me. I get tired of taking meds, my shots bruise my legs. I don’t mean little bruises, I mean the size of my thumb!!! It hurts! I don’t like THIS life. Something has to change.
  2. Exercise more. Even if it’s getting on the treadmill and walking. My arthritis is starting to kick in – I have it in my left foot and my left knee. I’m carrying Aleve with me. This isn’t fun. Nope. But it helps bring the blood sugar down. Spawn and I are joint paying for a gym membership. Have now for a year It’s time to do something. The gym is under 2 miles from our house.
  3. Eat healthier and eat out less. I can complain that my son does all the cooking, but he does so at my behest. I found my diabetic cookbooks today That’s what we’ll be eating from this year.
  4. MORE ME TIME!!!! That’s right. The last couple of years, I’ve worked late quite often, did lesson planning on the weekends, looked for school stuff on the weekends, stayed later to do grades, showers were hurried, life was rushed. Granted I have a better teaching position now, but it’s not unusual for me not to get home until after 6 because of the commute and the fact I’m staying late. No more. If I can get to work on time, I WILL leave on time. I have daily planning and adequate planning at that. If I get out on time, I can be home before rush hour starts. (And rush hour lasts 30 minutes.) So, home on time, more foamy baths and reading and writing and time outs and down time. And maybe some knitting.
  5. Get my house under control! ‘Nuff said!
  6. Get my credit cards paid down or off! I have a clothing card, an all-sorts specific card, a general credit card, a loan, and a medical credit card for emergencies. The medical credit card is currently paid off and I’d like to keep it that way for a few months. I’m going to have to use it this summer for dental work. The all sort specific card screwed me during the move from hell. I’m just going to pay them off. I can do that this year. anything I want from the website itself, I can pay for out of my pocket. The clothing card hit the limit and rather than hold on, they raised it. I’m not good with this. So my current rule is if I want it, I must buy it the old fashioned way – with money I have on hand. That won’t be hard as pretty much everything they are labeling ‘NEW JUST ARRIVED’ is stuff I have in a different color. I have 2 full closets…okay 3… and more than enough shoes. It won’t get paid off this year, but if i’m diligent, it will be next year. I have a general credit card I used for the move and I’ve used to buy car parts. If I can get a couple of months of NO CAR PARTS, it should be paid off by April!!! And then i’ll have an emergency card again for necessary use. I also have a loan I took to help pay for the move. Currently, I’m making double payments. I’d like to see how close I am to having it paid off by the end of the year. Actually, if I can get the credit card paid off by April, I can use that payment to put towards loan or split it between the loan and the clothing card. I’m so good. Actually, I’m not. The real reason I want to get theses bad boys paid down to off is I would like to buy a 2nd car by spring break in April and give Ole Faithful to Spawn.
  7. Less clothes shopping. Now, before you roll your eyes, everything at my favorite places are reruns. Please see what I said back up where I stated their ‘new’ stuff is simply old stuff in a different color.
  8. Get out more! Every weekend, long vacay, summer, Spawn and I stay cooped up in the house. If we do go anywhere, it’s to the Interior. In the past it was because we were broke. If I manage my funds better, we should have funds to do something. Spawn wants to take a vacay this summer. He wants to go to the far north to MEET family he’s never met. There are also a lot of brown signs down here, and gardens we’ve not explored. We love Charleston, we’re close to Jacksonville, still close to Savannah, the beach.
  9. See more movies. Really. We rarely go out to movies. They don’t stay in the theater long anymore. This place is a one theater town and they tend to roll a movie over in a week. Mr Rogers is all ready gone, so is Ford vs Ferrari. We are going to see Star Wars tonight!!!
  10. Speak softer. Walk lighter.   I experienced a lot of death the last 3 months. In case some of you didn’t hear, another friend passed away on December 26th. I was irritated with him the last time I spoke to him a few years back and was rather short. the thing is I was irritated with him over something he had no control over. It was my problem and my bitchiness. I accept my bitchiness, but I hope it’s not the last thing I say to a person, not when the problem isn’t their fault. Now, if the problem IS your fault or you have a hand in it,  nah I’m still gonna stomp ya guts.


I decided to finish my unfinished challenge from last year and then read the series I started or are working on as is. Alex Archer’s Annja Creed, Aiden James Judas Iscariot, catch up on Crispin Guest and Gareth and Gwen. Teri Reed’s paranormal mysteries, I’m going to buy up the remaining Never’s Amber Isle (6) and read them. Kitty the Werewolf. Amazing Grace. Trash and Treasure. Death by series. Ilona Andrews. Em Brown. Lexi Blake. I’m in need of a good naughty book to read! A lot of books. I was tempted to put ‘1’ in the How many books to read’ slot at GoodReads and watch my percentage explode, but I put in 50 and we’ll go from there. Next year, I’ll do a more organized challenge. I did an unorganized on year before last and just loved pretty much everything I read!

Some people are passing up the Top Ten. I’m not one. Now, realizing I’m going by VIEWS. WordPress used to have this nifty little gadget, but either I’m not finding it or they aren’t doing it anymore. So I had to do some digging.

Zee’s Top 10 Views! 

According to the stats, the days my blog got the most hits was Friday. Gee. I wonder why?  My average view rate for each post ranged from 35-50, which seems respectable to me. I’m not A BLOGGER by any means.

Now the first thing is a problem. My supposed #1 views was this

With a whopping 600+ views spread out over 4 months. I don’t know why. I’m packing. I mentioned a few things that MIGHT show up in a search. It was still showing up at or near the top each month. Even December! Over 150 hits a month! I don’t know. Because of it, I’m NOT including it.

So, #10

In which i discussed burning dinner, something that rarely happens in our household. WE also ruined our wok. We replaced it today.  I also talked about writing and Dede. Many time during the month of November, I considered sending her what I had written so far. I knew her time was limited and I had decided I was just going to send it to her rough and unedited. I wish I had.


In which I discuss the beauty of being lazy and enjoying looking a fine looking man!




Really, I love these things and y’all might not say much, but apparently you like to LOOK at them!!!


Adventures in house hunting. These pictures are GONE as I didn’t take this house, for many not-so obvious reasons. The first was too much for teeny tiny rooms and a ’80’s decor. The 2nd house we probably would have taken had we NOT taken the one we have now – which still has the pictures up! Someday, I’ll get it set up and will do compare/contrast pictures.


State of my closet.

In which I posted clothes I wanted. It is NOT to be confused with the post 2 weeks later that DID address my closet. Most of the pictures are gone. Sorry.

This post didn’t make the top 10. I did make the top 20. Maybe 15. Remember we’re talking VIEWS


In which I rejoice in stabbing myself with needles.


The glory of sexy older men!!!

#2 –


and #1!!!!

IN which Flat Richie begged me to let him go.

There are a few more pictures of that trip. If I ever get my son to send them to me, I’ll post them.

And there you have it! Year end Wrap up, a new reading challenge (not really) and resolutions. Spawn is cooking dinner and then we are off to see Star Wars! I’m looking forward to it!!!

Have some Richard!