And Richardmas STILL goes on!

How was everyone’s Christmas? I came home to find nothing dercorated and decorations scatter everywhere. I helped get the trees together and couldn’t find the top of the tall tree – at all. No where to be found. We squished them together, tossed things on and around and said DONE!


We asked my dad to put lights on the wreath and hang it up.

Folks, you can’t make this stuff up! Yes, it’s plugged in and was lit!!!

11 people came to dinner. My dad did the grocery shopping. God help us. The man bought 2 decent hams (thank God) but then only bought a 13 pound turkey! It was so small. I looked it up and told him it would be done in under 3 hours, so it didn’t need to go on early. I bought a few things, including a creole butter marinade to inject. I figured we’d put it on around 9 and it would be fine.

That man WOKE me up banging around the kitchen at 6 AM! I got up and he had the turkey on! Wouldn’t not put it back in the frig. I injected it in the roaster and turned it down. He turned it back up. Needless to say, it fell off the bone at 9 AM. We didn’t slice it. It shredded itself.

Mom made her famous green beans and I realized around 10, she hadn’t started on anything else. So I put the hams in the oven, made the carrots (glazed with brown sugar and butter) mashed in their skins potatoes, rolls and got out the chocolate cake and Christmas cookies. I was horrified to realize as we’re setting the food out, that I had forgotten the stuffing and the yams. But no one was poisoned or went to the ER and I was told dinner was very good and it’s now my job.

Next year, I make a list, check it twice, and make sure everything is made.

I’ve tried to be very good. I’m taking my meds, haven’t drank any cokes, and my blood sugar has dropped 150 points in 2 days. It’s STILL over 300, but it’s DOWN 150 points! So we’ll take what we can get.

I’m sure we’ve all seen this…


Sweet Baby Jesus!

Also this


I think this is one of my favorite messages from him. He hit the nail on the head – what can one person do? When you look at the big picture, it’s overwhelming. But then again, you never know WHO you affect, how you affect them. Whether it’s planting a tree or touching a small life in some way, shape or form. One person alone is a small ripple, but that ripple can go far.

My son’s Christmas was the best in some years. We’ve had some lean years the last few, but I had an ‘relief’ month (one credit card paid off the previous month and no car parts bought this month) – granted, this paycheck has to last until the end of January, but we have a full pantry and freezer and we’re good. I hope. Either way, he’s gained some weight, thanks to the meds he took after his pulmonary valve was replaced so I got him a few shirts, as well as some games for his XBox. Ninetendo is discontinuing the 3DS, which he loves, so we’ll be buying games at the used game stops. I’m not buy a switch and he’s saving for a car. He has a job interview coming up in a few days. Cross your fingers.

I’ve read how many of my friends haven’t been in the holiday spirit and I understand that. I’ve had several in recent years, where I put on a big smile for everyone, but was in fact, just going through the motions. Even this year has had its tough moment. A lot of death. Another one in my circle passed away today. I’m having another wake up call with my blood sugar. Just lots of painful things and mountains to climb.

But I’ve had a lot of blessings this year as well. I have a new and improved job – one where I’m part of a team, and not just a babysitter. I didn’t think we’d find a home we liked as much as the last one and we have. Spawn needs to find his nitch and we’re hunting for it. I have friends who love me, family that love me. A girl can’t ask for anything more.

Well, yes I can. Dear Santa, why wasn’t this hunka burnin’ love under my tree???


Sweet Baby Jesus…