And how are we all????

I just finished the most AWESOME Christmas singalong! I’m so pleased! It was definitely unpolished, some bumps, but everyone sang and had a good time!!! Even the adults! I’m just… WOW!!!!

I’m heading into the Interior for a week on Monday. Spawn and I are doing some SERIOUS room arranging this weekend and when we return a week from Monday, we are designating a room a day. Furniture in place, books on shelves, pictures hung. I’m ready for my house to look like a home. We got no Christmas decorations up this year, and I’m sad about that, but the Christmas decorations are against the wall in the garage with about 5 more rows of boxes in front. Wah!!!

Are you ready for some Guymas and Guy Day???? I sure am!!!

Weekend Delight


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Yes, I do. Can we set the date???

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There will not be any ManCandy Monday and there may or may not be GuyDay next Friday. Chances are good there will still be wallpaper MOST days.

I’m getting ready to watch a massive stream of children bolt the doors in about 45 minutes. Our cafeteria is then feeding the staff lunch. And then – home again home again, jiggity jog.