Happy Guy Day and how are we all?

The Death March in my small circle continues. My Great Uncle was promoted to Glory this afternoon after a long illness. He is now with his beautiful bride of many years as well as with family, including his parents – my Great Grand Parents, who I remember well and fondly, as well as 5 siblings who went on before. So, we didn’t lose him; we know exactly where he is. But we still grieve. He was a lovely man, a loving husband and father and a devoted minister to several flocks. He will be sorely missed.

In addition, one of my mom’s younger brothers is in a coma and has been for some days. He’s not expected to last much longer. Please keep my mom in your prayers. Between her two BFFs in the last 2 weeks, our Great Uncle – who she loved as blood – and now her brother, she’s pretty wore out.

Enough sadness.

Sir Guy promised to be nice to the little kiddies and hand out Halloween Candy. Apparently, he thinks snarling is smiling and as a result, we only had 4 brave souls.

Of course, the rain at sunset probably had a lot to do with the lack of treaters as well. Oh well. I’m going to do the smart thing and take the basket of treats to school and leave them in the office. Pray they are all gone by the end of the day. I don’t need it. I WANT it, but I don’t need it.

Zee was VERY productive in the reading department. As some might know, I purchased a new kindle a month ago and I’m now able to cart books around as I should. YAY! But I find myself in a bit of a predicament. Actually not really. Just a serious realization.

See, July, August and September were NOT stellar reading months. There was that little problem with THE MOVE FROM HELL and my kindle fire refusing to download anything. My old handheld won’t download anything  from the internet, so I was kind of stuck with reading from my laptop. I have no clue how I managed before Spawn bought me a kindle, but it is what it is. There ya go how do you do?

So either or, I filled in some early spots this month and I’m looking at the last gameboard I’d downloaded.

Level 6

I’m looking at this as recently as TWO days ago and thinking… you know, if I hunker down like a hairy dawg, I might be able to finish this. So I go to my master list to download the rest of everything and discover I have some entrees that aren’t on this game board. So I went BACK to the site where I downloaded the gameboard and challenge to begin with and found THIS…

Level 7

14 books in 2 months, I can deal with. 24, not so much.

I”m not going to complete this challenge. Yes I know some things came down over the summer I had not factored in. It was not my intention to move this summer, but I did. And if that means I didn’t read like I should, then I didn’t read like I should. My blood pressure is down, I’m happier, for the most part. I have a robot vacuum that will turn on at 11 PM tonight and vacuum for 2 hours tonight and she – Rosie – is quiet about it. Life is good.

But I’m not going to complete this challenge. But I’m going to give what I can and I’m proud I got as much done as I did.

Reading behind the cut.  Have a taste of Sir Guy!


First up…



Some years ago, I obtained the third book in this series. That would be the green one. About 3 chapters in, I realized that – there are other books before this. I got them, because they were .99 cents. And I read the first one and as I was preparing for the 2nd one, the 4th one came out.

And it was expensive. I”m sorry, but 10 bucks for an ebook is about 7.00 too much! So I waited. And waited. And waited. And after 3 years of waiting, the 4th book dropped for a weekend to 3.99. I figured that was a good deal. So I got it, got into the first chapter and realized – it’s been years since I read any of them and I never read the 2nd one, so I looked on my gameboard, realized 3 of them filled in my color portion and the other filled the need for Romance. Tra la la!

So in a nutshell, the books are all intertwined with a Wedding Destination Hotel in beautiful historical Roswell Georgia. I know Roswell. It’s in North Atlanta. I went to Church there. Had dinner there many times. Historical Roswell is beautiful. Either way, it’s about the goings on in this Wedding Destination Hotel and the meanderings of the owner, employees and a drunken Australian actor who is trying to get his life cleaned up and straightened out. There is the owner, who is widowed and is simply trying to fill a bucket list dream for his deceased wife, who he loved dearly; his 3 sisters who are helping him because they have nothing better to do, the baker, who he finally falls in love with, who is diabetic, her college roommate who becomes the hotel wedding planner and her impending marriage to a athletic well to do doctor and her dealings with his difficult mother; the dress designer in NYC who is down to her last dime and is pinning her future on designing a dress for a wealthy Khardasian-wanna be who is a serious Bridezilla who comes home to Atlanta to design the dress of her childhood friend, the brother of THAT groom, who is best friends with the Aussie actor who meanders throughout the 4 books and this loveable Aussie actor who just seems to show up, keep everyone on their toes, and people STILL want to take him home and feed him.

Including me.

Now, I will admit that this series are labeled Christian Romance – and I’ll be honest – you will NOT find anyone going through books – OH DEAR GOD GIVE ME AN ANSWER TELL ME WHAT TO DO at all. Well except the son of one of the hotel owner’s nieces and that’s because he’s a preacher. You’ll see him on occasion – Can I pray for you and at one point, the hotel owner yells at him – NO! I don’t want you to pray for me!

I love it because the Christians and eventual Christians are portrayed as regular, normal people, which we are. They fall. They get hurt. They make mistakes. They are not perfect. They live fulfilling lives. They have problems. They fall in love. They break up. They make up. They argue. They fuss. The baker is diabetic and she struggles because… she’s a baker. In the last book, as she is now not only baking everyone else’s wedding cakes, she’s trying to design her own and manage and plan her own wedding, I watched the toll the stress made on her body and blood sugar. I’m reading along and I’m rather like… I KNOW these signs. Her blood pressure is rising. Her stress levels is sending her blood sugar through the roof. I KNOW these signs. Never does she fall on her knees – Dear Lord Deliver me from this disease. Not once. She deals. I empathize with her. I understand. The struggle is real.

The books are good! Easy reads. Fast reads. There is nothing in them to put someone off.

Oh and there are recipes scatter all through all 4, as well as helpful hints on planning your own wedding. Right.


There is a strange shrine on your dresser.

Yes, I know. It’s Sir Gu-

And a journal with a Flat Someone on it

Yes, I know. It’s Fl-

Are you adding to your menagerie? 

Well, yes, sort of-

Are we not enough? Am I not enough????


We need to chat. 

State of Grace

From this angle, you might not recognize him, but from this angle…


Put this man on the cover and I will obtain by hook or crook. Those pecs are real. They are NOT photo shopped. He’s single and straight and yes, I would ride him until there was no liquid left in him.

This is normally everything I DON”T read. Vampire. Our FC is dying. She has an inoperable brain cancer and treatment has not worked. She’s a pilot, who has been grounded because of her diagnosis. Her boyfriend left her and because she has no job, she has come home in Wales to die. She has 1 year, give or take. And she’s determined to live life at the fullest as long as she can. At some point, she begins to have what she thinks are hallucinations – traveling back in time to the area where she’s living. Different years, centuries and the only thing in common with this black out hallucinations is a) she’s naked and b) there is this…. gorgeous hunk of a man, who just so happens to be a vampire. Thing is, when she returns to her time (having lost no time) the injuries she suffered in the past, she still has the scars and bruises in the now. There are 5 books and this is the first one. It left on a rather evil cliffie. So you know I had to buy the other 4.

Oh, SHE time travels. He doesn’t.


Zeeeee there are strange new bedfellows in this house!

I said we’ll talk!

Smith of Wooten Major

Interesting short story for children by Tolkien – whose language is so rich, it confuses me. Even children’s stories. I’m such a dunce.

Fairytales on Stage

Series of children’s plays. A lot of warm ups my little ones will enjoy.

Antiques Roadkill

This was one of those lovely ‘lost’ books I found stored in a yahoo group. It is a series – I have 7 of them and there are now 14.

Meet Brandy. Brandy has just gone through an ugly divorce, in which her ex husband gained custody of their 10 year old son and Brandy has been forced to part with the majority of her high designer fashion clothes and trade in her BMW for a urine yellow Ford Taurus and move home to some little town in Mississippi with her mother, who is medicated for reasons, who still dreams of being an actriess. She also has a Shih Zhu who is diabetic and blind.

What is it about diabetic characters that are drawn to me???

She arrives home to discover that during an ‘episode’, her mother sold tens of thousands of dollars of downstairs antiques to a newly arrived in town flim-flam artist, parading as an antique dealer for a fraction of their worth. Words are exchanged publicly in which the so-called antiques dealer threatens to a) sue her for slander and b) take out a restraining order.

And then he turns up dead. Her mother admits to the crime, although she doesn’t remember even seeing him until he was laying on the ground in front of her and Brandy admits to the murder in attempt to save her mom. The police realize they are trying to cover for hte other but the question is – who ran over him?

Funny. Very funny.

The last book, I’m not showing a cover for. I’m not mentioning the name, or the author.

The next book was supposed to pulled from a hat. I had a book planned, one a dear friend gifted me with a few months ago.

THe Plum Blooms in Winter

I’m looking forward to this book. I saw it as recently as 2 weeks ago and now I can’t find it. It’s hiding somewhere in plain sight.

A young person I know, who has been through hell and back in the last few years, made good on a dream many wanna be authors want – they published a book. They spent time writing it, editing it on their. THey published it, despite difficulty with family to do so. They are proud of it. It’s in print. They sent me and Spawn a signed copy.

It needs a GOOD editing. It needs a lot of things. Too many characters introduced at one time, confusing, mixed speakers in paragraphs, they have the very characteristics they hate in their enemies, confusing. Just confusing.

And I don’t have the heart. I wish they had asked me before hand. I would have edited it, asked questions, made suggestions, but now it’s been printed… and they are so proud of it. As they should be.

I’ll post GuyDay tomorrow sometime. I don’t know when. It’s Friday, the day after Halloween and my first class is a difficult one. The one following is equally difficult, but we have an assembly and I’m hoping it takes up the entire block.

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