In case you didn’t hear or figure it out, Flat Richie arrived at my home yesterday.


He went to school with me today – I asked Guy if he wanted to go and he growled at me, so I took that as a no. As you can see, Richie pilfered through chocolates that were gifted to me. Said he was watching out for my blood sugar. How does HE know to watch out for my blood sugar??? We are looking forward to and planning some serious adventures! One is going to Savannah this weekend. Maybe Guy will change his mind.

Flat Richie will be with me for a little while. Sorry. I have some very expensive car repairs coming up and I’m going to be financially tight for a while. I’ll take lots of pictures!

Also, we have a new member of our family. Meet Rosie the Robovac


She was a housewarming gift from a friend. Right now, she’s charging up and tomorrow, Spawn will program her to run the house twice a week. This little lady is supposed to be an expert at pet hair, which seems to accumulate all over the hall and in the corners. There’s also a dry mopping attachment. SCORE!!!! So we have THIS to look forward to!


Last night, my mom lost the 2nd of her BFFs in 2 weeks. Heart attack. Mom was really upset. My son was inconsolable for about 15 minutes. She was Aunt Ginger to him. She was an Italian New Yorker and cooked like no one’s business. When mom was fussing at Spawn about putting alcohol (wine) in the sauces in the dishes he prepares, she told her – no, he’s doing it right! Red wine thickens the sauce. White wine deglazes the pot. And so after that, it was okay. Go figure.

My kids are nuts this week. Halloween, field trips to the pumpkin patch, Friday will be heckers. I have a young man whose mother will hear from me if he continues his mouthscapades, (I’m not complaining. I have 3 to 5 kids who are challenging, unlike the 500 challenges I had last year. And unlike last year, I have backup, both admin and teacher when one gets out of control.)

I”m going to take a shower, see if I can finish one last book for this month and probably call it a night.


Have some Richard.