Good morning and how are we all?

I have been UP since a little after 5 AM. That’s a tad bit early for me, however, I was in bed before 10 and slept the entire night. I will not complain about 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

I spent the majority of yesterday deleting non-essential pictures from this blog. Clothing and book covers from previous reading challenges. Over 400 pictures and you know how much my load percentage came down??? 3%. That’s it. 3%! I’m trying to scroll back to the very earliest pictures they made us load in the archive. I refuse to purchase blog space. I have credit cards to pay off and a tie bar and struts to buy. Bleh! Hopefully, now that I”m down into the 70-ish% range, my archive won’t lock up like it has been. I figure vacay pics are next and then other things. Are there clothing pics in 2017??? I’ll find out, I guess. I think so. 2018 was really bad.

Today is Monday – duh! It is my beautiful day with kids. All my best classes! Yay!

Are you ready for some ManCandy?

man candy monday

Short-Grey-Hairstylemain-qimg-353479a3f6b7937debe8510475a561b9droppedImage-6aserrwmedium0903767929b53ec60ed5a908233c977441e9fbcf564bd4ae280cf21ad0426b58--long-hairstyles-for-men-men-long-hairjimmy thomas drer0005a1c0cf64723a4b2f71d77e5fd548f3bm2-2tumblr_mxcxpiGzMy1qfdneyo1_400tumblr_n6kavaUein1s8kz4no1_500

There ya have it! Have a great day!