It doesn’t have the same ring, does it? Sounds like something the Swedish Chef would say.

Good morning and how are we all? (Never mind when I finish this, it will be afternoon here!)  Despite utter exhaustion, sleep did not come well for me. Well, it came well, but whereas my superpower is sleeping, my arch nemesis is peeing all night. That’s not a good sign and sure enough, my blood sugar was (beyond) slightly elevated this morning. So I’m drinking a lot of water today. Means I”ll be peeing more. It’s a never-ending pee-festival. Gross.

I know – damn! That’s TMI!

lots of stuff behind the cut.

Remember this that I just had to have?

r split front black 37

Well I have it. Not sure I like the outcome.


Yeah. It’s obvious I’m gaining weight again and it’s apparent I need a haircut and I don’t think the addition of jewelry – which I have – would help the fact I think I look like a cow.

Actually, I got a lot of compliments – especially on the leggings. Not only my kids, but other teachers as well. I’m discovering I’m not the only one who shops at Zulily. This didn’t come from Zulily, it came from my favorite place – Roamans.

Sigh. Diet. And us going into the holiday season.

Sigh again.

This morning, I was going through the dining room – I have 2 large boxes marked HEAVY because I was stupid and filled them with hardbacks. They are going on a bookshelf today!

Either way, I was digging through one box (so I could throw it away because Lord T thinks it’s a scratching post,


but I digress.

either way, I’m going through the box (so I can toss it) and it’s marked ‘permanent memorbilia’ and so of course, I find the newspapers from the Braves winning the World Series and a large coffee table picture book of Chuck and Di’s Engagement and Wedding and Honeymoon (I’m wondering if it’s worth anything.) but I also found this…


and yes, it’s a spiral notebook. But it’s not just any spiral notebook.


It’s full, btw

For some years, this – and several others – stayed with me no matter where I went. Because my muses talked incessantly and rather than have a headache, I wrote. I wrote on breaks, I wrote at lunch, and I would come home and type up what I had written.

When I moved further south in 2006, the notebook I had been writing in at the time – 2/3rd of the way through Rider of the Mark, went missing. My muses didn’t with to repeat themselves so after telling me they were going to the beach, they just left for the entire 4 years. I found the notebook as I was packing up, so I made sure it made its way in my suitcase in the car and suddenly the bastards all showed back up, hungry and ready to talk.

HOLY COW! We have a screech owl in the back yard. I know why they call them SCREECH owls!!!! 


To find this again brings back memories. The story written here has been years in the mothballs and I took the online version out this summer. I think I’ll finish it. I figure I only have a few chapters left, can’t understand WHY I walked away from it. For the record, it was a LOTR/HP crossover and either loved immensely or hated tremendously.  GAFF hated my guts and put my first piece up in their 10 most pathetic and horrid fanfics of all time. As if I care. For the record, I’ve read some of THEIR writings and they have nothing to brag about, believe me.

I think I’ll put this in my drop file of paid bills, records, leases, contracts and olde writings of Zee. Don’t know what Spawn will do with it when I die. But there ya have it.

What are you doing this weekend? I am unpacking boxes and hanging pictures and trying to find the 3rd gift I purchased for the Flat Richie box. I could have SWORN I put all 3 in my top dresser drawer when I moved but apparently I only put two of them up there. Granted it will be no biggie to go BACK to the Riverfront and purchase them again – and take Flat Richie with me because he would like the Riverfront and historical downtown Savannah.

Oh! Things I’m looking forward to:

  1. The Arrival of Flat Richie, whenever that may be.
  2.  Getting my house set up finally.
  3.  Thanksgiving. (Going home for a week. Hope to meet up with friends!)
  4.  The Arrival of the Robovac a friend got me as a house warming.
  5. Cooler weather.
  6.  This screech owl going elsewhere!

Now. Are you ready for Guyderday???

tumblr_nj69njdtz81tfapi7o1_400tumblr_nipk6eIwd71s82d30o6_400tumblr_nipk6eIwd71s82d30o4_400tumblr_nd815jZFHH1sh6br8o1_500tumblr_oj7bifxceJ1u7ou2yo2_r1_250tumblr_mq71ckPXl91qgrjvxo2_500tumblr_mzp5jmR8lm1s82d30o3_250enchantednightingales guy 1favoriteBlue eyes tumblr_n7ip06b6Bh1swivfdo2_r1_250tumblr_an7edeoejm61sh6br8o1_1280tumblr_mmg5obcy1s1qjhdt7o3_250Br0aIL0IUAAa1pxbeautiful hairtumblr_nfq0laLFbP1rmxqfio1_1280tumblr_ncjkp54TbU1s5a347o3_400tumblr_onzalqp6STB1u7ou2yo2_250tumblr_mr9y48krhB1qfdneyo3_400pod0803 (2)tumblr_omuit2jdalW1s6oygdo3_400

There you have it. Guyderday. Or should it be Guyterday?

When I started this is was sunny and bright and no clouds. Now it’s raining.

At least the screech owl is gone.