30 questions you might already know!

  1. What did you dream about last night? – Didn’t dream. Wasn’t asleep LONG enough to dream! 
  2. What is your favorite color? PURPLE
  3. Do you feel more connected to the moon or the sun?  The Sun! 
  4. Have you ever wished on a shooting star? Every time I see one. Never come true. 
  5. Name a movie that makes you genuinely laugh. My Life in Ruins. Also My Big Fat Greek Wedding. 
  6. When’s the last time you felt like you were floating? OH! The last time I was super super sick and taking some heinous drugs! 
  7. What do you enjoy daydreaming about most? *coughs*  tumblr_inline_mluhuyyE2R1qz4rgp - Copy
  8. Do you believe in guardian angels? Yes. Mine has had a nervous breakdown. 
  9. What’s a smell that reminds you of home? Coffee. Lemon Pledge. 
  10. What is something (or someone) you’re in love with? *coughs some more*  000 tumblr_inline_n8kn05SR4D1qel29j - Copy
  11. Describe the memory of the last time you felt true happiness.  A couple of weeks ago, Spawn and I went to old stomping grounds further south and spent the day wandering and driving about and exploring old haunts. It felt good to walk the beach, feel the sea spray and to see our home loved on so well. 
  12. Name a song that makes you feel ethereal. The Mystic’s Dream.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QFAfWH_CKVw
  13. What’s your ideal summer aesthetic?
  14. Talk about one of your most cherished childhood memories. My Junior year in HS was the last year I played for Chorus. The director was an ass and I tired of his shit pretty quickly. When we went to festival, one of the pieces we did was Offenbach’s The Neighbor’s Chorus. It’s a big piece for both voice and piano and my asshole director decided I didn’t need a page turner – let’s not mention that there were many voices/parts and at best there were 8 measure every two pages. The only way, I could keep up and not miss a beat was to memorize it. That was no biggie. I memorized most of my things. So we go to festival and the one piece that was not A Capella was this piece. And I played from memory. When we got the recordings of the judge’s comments, all three opened with the same statement – your pianist is awesome! To play that from memory! Two were college professors who gave their names and phone numbers with the offer to audition. He wasn’t happy. Some weeks later at our spring concert, we did the Hallelujah Chorus. Yeah. That one. I did the same thing. Memorized it and played it. At the end of the concert, there was another invited choral director from another college and he came up on stage as we were dismissing, walked PAST the director and grabbed my hand – I HAVE to shake the hand of the young lady who played that all of that from memory! That was amazing!  That can’t be taken from me. 
  15. Talk about something exciting or good that happened to you this year. I GOT AN AWESOME JOB!!! 
  16. Where do you feel most at home? In my cave.  IMG_20190901_1931521 There are curtains up now. 
  17. What is something you own that is important to you? MY CLOTHES!!! What makes it so important? I’M A CLOTHES WHORE!!!! (I want to shop right now but I’m holding steadfast to not to!!!) 
  18. Do you believe dreams have meanings or are they completely random? I think they are simply ways our minds works through things. 
  19. Do you believe in love at first sight?tumblr_bnaighkB0F61qg3l0so1_500
  20. What’s the sweetest thing someone has done for you? You know, I have the bestest friends. They’ve come through for me when things are tight. I would not have survived my first 5 weeks in Savannah, if not for them. I would be driving on inner tubes, if it weren’t for friends. I get the most amazing care packages! My son is autistic. He doesn’t move well at all. It’s difficult for him to find his place and his bearings when we move. When my last job got so horrible, while he was in the hospital with his valve replace, he told the Spiritual Adviser, he wasn’t worried about himself – he was worried about me. He told me later that it didn’t matter if we had to move or not, not to worry about him, I was NOT to work there next year. Even if I didn’t have a job and put everything back in storage and moved back to his grandparents, that’s what we needed to do. On one hand, it broke my heart, but on the other hand, he was afraid for my life. And that fear over rode his need for stability and order.
  21. Do you believe in mermaids? Only Ariel. 
  22. What do you like most about nature? The small and the sounds. 
  23. What’s your zodiac sign? Sagittarius Do you think you fit the general characteristics of that sign? I am painfully fire with a load and a half of Sag in my chart. YES! 
  24. Are you more of a hopeless romantic or realist? I used to be a hopeless romantic, but after having my heart shattered more times than I care to count, I’m a realist. 
  25. What’s a song that gives off good vibes anytime you listen to it? Any Blackmore Night Song. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9dJ-LYN6dqM  Also  Fee Ra Huri by Omnia  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J56VVtlZCGE
  26. Do you usually remember your dreams? Rarely. And the few I do remember, I wish I didn’t. 
  27. Have you ever written a love letter? Yes. I call it Manna From Heaven. 
  28. Name a book you don’t mind reading over and over. The Wheel of Time Series. It’s time for a reread. I’ve also put off rereading Harry Potter. 
  29. Do you collect anything? Angels And what are some hobbies you have? Oh dear God… cross stitch, knitting, writing, reading, music…
  30. What do you do to feel at peace? I crawl into a quiet corner and read or cross stitch.