Morning and how are we? I hope all of you had a great weekend.  I am home today. I got about halfway to work and ended up on the side of the road in a little picnic area, spewing over the railway and into the marsh. Thankfully, while I was spewing, the county opened the bathrooms and I was able to use those facilities for other purposes. I’m hoping this is a 24 hour or less bug and I can return to work tomorrow. I feel wretched! Right now, I’m in jeans and a long sleeve tee, looking out into my yard that I need to have someone come and mow before winter. 

We had a tropical depression come through on Saturday – Tropical Storm Nestor. No wind, but a lot of rain from moderately heavy to drizzle for the better part of 12 hours. Yesterday began overcast and ended sunny and cool. Well, 72 is cool after the HELL temps of the summer and up until 10 days ago. We will have a few days that reach 80 and 81 this week, but otherwise, 70’s and lows in the 60’s. I’m wishing I had screen doors so I could open the doors and turn off the air.

I spent most of the weekend, downloading books and fanfiction out of the Yahoo Groups. I”m rather… teary… at their demise, even though for the most part the function of Yahoo Groups has been dead for the better part of a decade. It was and still is the best forum for fandom – a website where people could talk, load documentation, fanfic, artwork, pictures, hold polls and keep records. It would be one thing if Yahoo said – we’re closing it to new members. YOu can’t load stuff anymore. It’s just going to be an email list. 

But no, they are wiping out everything online. The mailing list will continue, but everything else will be gone. The message history will be gone as well. Which is upsetting as I used the group function as a type of cloud storage. In fact, I have quite a FEW personal yahoo groups I used for that particular purpose. So I”m cleaning them out and wondering where else am I going to store stuff. I think me burning a shitload of CDs is about to commence.

And I mean a shitload. Not a reference to my stomach acrobatics of this morning.

In my downloading, I found this.


You’re welcome. And thank you riepu10.

I found a picture of Pregnant Girly Girl, trying on my shoes.


I want to say the next morning, we had kittens.


Yes, she curled up in Spawn’s bed, under the covers and gave birth to 5 wet rats. Fat boy is in the mess somewhere.

I have a few pictures that don’t exist anywhere else but there and trying to download… well, right now, I have 2 laptops up and running.

Either way, I’m finding myself in the middle of 2 groups: One that is bemoaning the loss of all this HISTORY and a group whose attitude is – who cares? People are backing up groups, looking at ProBoard, looking at Tumblr, Facebook, WordPress, Livejournal, I have a Dreamcast that I put my fanwork on. Right now, I’m too busy preserving what I can. There was a period of several years when I couldn’t afford books, there was no such thing as ebooks and so all I read was fanfiction and some of it was QUITE good. Really. Quite VERY Good! And of course, some of it was horrid. I mean abysmal! And we’ll leave it at that. I, of course, lean towards the bemoaning. Once upon a time, I belonged to 144 groups. That’s down now to under 50 but that’s still a lot of stuff to go through. I’m mostly going after the fanart and the fanfiction. I found a personal group I had forgotten about and I had loaded books I’d forgotten about and lost in a computer crash oh… 9 years ago! So it’s nice to find these books and see if more were written in the series. That might be my challenge next year – to read the books downloaded that I thought I’d lost.

I have done no shopping in 21 days. Go me. Due to reasons (car) I’m working to do no shopping until after New Years. Maybe even after Valentines Day. They say we’re going to have a warmer than normal winter. I hope not. Last winter was quite mild and we’ve had the Love Bug and mosquito apocalypse the last few weeks. Thursday’s high is supposed to be 71, so I’m looking forward to wearing this –

r split front black 37

Either way, I have plenty of clothes and don’t need a thing. So i’ll wait until what’s left goes on clearance. There really isn’t anything I really want.

Although my favorite pair of beige, closed toed shoes are giving up the ghost.  I wore a pair of flat uber pointy toed type Mary Jane shoes on Friday and one of my students said – those are SO cute, but they are wicked! 


Yeah. Those shoes!!!

Either way! Enough! ManCandy!!!

Last week I joked about all the beefcake we look at! The big thing now is Dad Bods. Many women find them sexy. Others don’t like anything that isn’t toned, buffed and tan! women are attacking other women because of bulges, love handles… a woman on a television news station received a TON of hate on her Instragram or Facebook from another woman because the viewer thought she needed to wear a girdle. Really? REALLY? I thought we were supposed to support each other!!!

Oh yeah, that’s right, only if we’re the right body shape and the correct political affiliation.

But not here. We’re good, right??? Right here, in this spot, all religious beliefs or lack thereof are accepted and all body types are body types and if you’re good with it, we’re good with it. We all have a shape and round is a shape! Am I right or am I right?

Now I”m good with the Dad Bod. For those of you wondering, a DadBod is typically that body men get once they become dads and are no long living in the gym, several hours a day, 5 days a week!



That’s scary.


See, I see that Dad Bod as the softening of hard muscle, that pinchable paunch.


Not a Dad Bod


I like my Dad Bod’s with a bit less…. hair.

*PREMIUM-EXCLUSIVE* Chris Hemsworth and Matt Damon spend their Easter by the ocean in Byron Bay

Not a Dad bod





Is it me, or does it look like he’s peed himself? And the black sock and tennis shoes combo… Nerd alert.

This man has been given grief about his Dad Bod!


I’m thinking… are you SERIOUS???? Jason????


I love that some have a sense of humor in the face of their detractors!


And ladies… we’re not the only ones who get photoshopped!


Yeah. Pizza, sodas, beer, throwing dinner together, work, family, sometimes the only exercise you get is mowing the yard. But our men are still gorgeous. Even this one!

My Zoe 2My Zoe 1Richard

I’d like to pinch his love handles!!!