And how are we all?

My blood sugar is concerning. The morning reading was 348 and then it went up over 550. I’m so tired of this.

Friday is gearing up to be my toughest day. I don’t have many little miscreants, but I have them all on Friday and today all 4 of them were Off The Chain! I typed a rather long missive to the father of one of my little ones. Apparently, the child thinks everyone needs to just die. I’m like – really? Who would you pester?

I’m still loving this gig!

Either way, my new kindle arrived today and I’m decking it out. I need to get bluetooth earbuds and I can listen to my Audible books. Most of them have That Man talking. hmmm mmmm

Either way, let’s have some Guy. I didn’t sleep well last night and I need to sleep.

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Look at this sweet baby!

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And that’s about where I am right now. Have a great evening.