Happy Monday and how are we all?

I’m sitting here, reading blogs and sitting on my hands. Should I open my mouth? Probably not.

My first paycheck is in the bank and waiting for it to hit the ATM so I can pay bills, pay credit cards, put money aside for mid-month and then grocery shop and then…


Mama doesn’t need new shoes, but she’s going to get them. And an outfit or two. Don’t judge me. I’ll STILL have money left over.

Life is THAT good.

My computer is having serious issues. Bad serious issues. As in slower than constipated hemmies, that bad of issues. If I can get it to boot, I’m copying things off, seeing if a system update is needed and if that doesn’t work, as I did a system refresh over the weekend, find a computer doctor. My life sucketh not!

Classes have been wonderful today. My Monday is a good day. Weird to look forward to Monday, eh? Right now, I’m looking forward to some leather clad hawtness…

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There ya have it. I’m still waiting for my laptop to boot, meaning I might be shy around for a while. I see it going to the shop. Meh. Have a Great Day!!!