Yes, I’ve been MIA. My POS has been having performance issues and I tried to correct it yesterday with a System Reset.

Didn’t work. Thing is STILL slow, it won’t let me access certain points on the webs, I’m moving things OFF the harddrive to see if that helps and I”ve not put certain programs back on it yet as if moving things off doesn’t help, we’re checking out the local compie doctor this week.

I made a phone call yesterday I was so happy to make. I got paid Friday and I called my mom and told her NOT to worry about me anymore. We’re were fine. We were good, God is good. Anything else can fall by the wayside, it’s okay. It doesn’t matter. I’m catching up tomorrow. i’m paying some things off tomorrow. We’re going to the grocery and not worrying about limits, it’s good. It’s all good. I’m finding the local food bank to make food donations. We’re unpacking and trying to find a church charity to give clothes to. Games to. Stuff animals to. I’m putting aside a slush fund, so Spawn and I can maybe to north over Christmas and meet his cousins. I might be able to go see Uncle Vanya – I’m NOT counting on it, but it’s a better possibility than it was when it was announced last week.

I’m a happy Zee-Camper. I’m so happy, I’m going to pay bills and catch up and satisfy a lot of people who have been pissing me off the last few weeks and then, I’m going shopping! I found my shoes yesterday, I’m going all leopardy tomorrow, RAWR, and things are going to be okay.

So tell, you what – as I missed Guy Day, Mancandy Monday, will be an all Guy ManCandy. It will either be during my lunch OR after school. Spawn will have the car and will be running errands several places and I’m going to be staying late. I have grades to do, Lesson planning to do, so staying late will be fine.

And we’ll get our RA/Guy fix, k???

Awright. Go forth and have a wonderful week!

And have some Richard!