Hello and how are we all? I don’t want to say I dropped the ball yesterday, but I dropped the ball. More about that in a minute.

Saturday, I decided Spawn had been cooped up in this house long enough, so I took him down to our old stomping grounds to hang out, roam around and take pictures.


And of course, we took pictures of the over-turned cargo ship!

About 3 weeks ago, this cargo ship – carrying 4000 brand new cars – came listing into the sound, before tipping completely over. It would have made port within a mile, and completely sunk a mile earlier. As it stood, it over-turned in the shallowest point of the sound, with NO loss of life.

But 4000 cars… yup. Toastie Cheese. I’ll thank God for the no loss of life. All the time.

They say it’s going to be there a while. It can be seen from many angles and places. It’s not far from the pier. Objects are actually closer than they appear.



But it was nice to go ‘home’ for a short time. We drove by our old home – which someone bought and gave it the tender loving care – and trim repair, new roof, new deck and patio doors – that it deserved. New paint – it was beautiful. Spawn and I drove around it three times. We loved the house. We’ve been lucky that the homes we’ve lived in have fit our personality and had room for all of our junk!!!

There were things we were glad to see…

We climbed the lighthouse back in 1999. It’s supposedly haunted. I’m glad it’s beautifully kept!

We ate at a favorite restaurant – Willie’s Weenie Wagon! Yummy!

We found a little outdoor library – one of those places where you can drop a book off and pick up a new one.

We were sad to see our bowling alley was gone. I mean… it burned to the ground a few years back. There were a few things gone. Old schools torn down, new ones built in their place.

The mall was dead. More than half of the stores were closed up, many stores that were open, closed at 5 on a Saturday. There wasn’t a total of 100 cars in the parking lot. 2 of the 3 anchor stores were gone. Sears and JC Penneys. When we lived there, there was a Steve and Barry’s – when they went out of business, Spawn and I headed every weekend. I got him the nicest jeans for 7.00. I think I bought him 3 pairs.

Our Japanese steakhouse was gone. Just a lot of things… gone. I keep telling myself – it’s been 9 or 10 years. Things change.

Things change.

All in all, I’m glad we visited. Spawn was happy to get out of the house. But I’m glad we don’t live there anymore. Just not a lot of life. Come to think of it, there wasn’t a lot of life going on when we lived there.

OH! And this!!! I drive past this every day to and from. I think my tax dollars can be better spent, y’know?


(Actually, it’s a historical site, but I don’t think the building can be salvaged in any way, shape, or form. But you don’t know that because the marker blends in with the building!)

I am emptying my Photobucket this evening. They decided a few months back to make the free accounts (the one I’ve had for 13 years) MUCH smaller and as a result, they’ve put their ugly copy right on all of my pics, fuzzed most of them, won’t let me upload, download… until I pay them 10 bucks. So right now, I’m taking a lot of stuff out and down. My alternative is to find another free photo hoster OR do what a lot of people are doing and create multiple photobuckets. Right now, I”m taking most of my stuff out. I’m finding some things I forgot about… like a lot of the anon hate I got 4 years ago for trying to mind my own business and God forbid I should stand up and tell them they’re fucktards… but weyhey! What do I know? I loaded it there for safekeeping and I guess I need to safe keep it somewhere else, although I don’t know WHY….

I dropped the ball yesterday because another connections teacher and I share technology – mainly the interactive television. I have no projector, no mimeo, no promethius board to toss my power points and pdfs on. We share it. We discussed before school started that I did need it 99% of the time, and if they needed it, they’d let me know the week before, before I did lesson plans, so could plan accordingly. Works swimmingly. Until yesterday morning, when I get a text 20 minutes before my first class telling me, they needed it for a project they just found out about all week.

So I’m irate, because it did put me in a bind and I didn’t want to whine about it from a work computer.

Not to mention this teacher is married to one of the county big wigs.

And then I realized I had forgotten my HEALTHY lunch, hadn’t had breakfast, bought the school lunch that wasn’t healthy, my blood sugar skyrocketed (444) and needless to say, I came home, did Stabby stabby, ate and went to bed. It was under 200 this morning, so don’t fuss at me.

Right now, we need some Mancandy. k?


I’m reading a book with him on the cover. I don’t read about vampires, but I’m reading HIM as a vampire!

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Better late than never, right???