Good morning and how are we all? Has the week treated you well? My blood sugar has been a bugger all week. It comes down, it goes up. I swear, it thinks it’s a roller coaster. Right now, it’s up. 12 hour day yesterday at school, ate after 9:30 – and ate stuff I shouldn’t have. It tasted good but I am paying for it today! We’re watching it and if it doesn’t go down, I’ll be visiting the little hospital around the corner from where I live.

This needs to stop.

Other than that, my week has been pretty good. Every day, I feel better about this move and I’m ‘shown’ that I made the right decision. Not only that, it is proven to me in many ways it wasn’t me. That means a lot.

PS – anyone who follows me on Twitter, might want to stay away for a day or two. Twitter USED to be my political platform, but not so much lately. However, for some weeks I’ve been getting emails from Twitter, telling me a certain Democratic Presidential hopeful had tweeted and I was pretty much done. Either way, I spouted off and I expect backlash.

That’s okay. But still… a heads up.

So, are we ready for Hawtness in Leather??? I sure am!

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Okay, I’m set. Off to drink more water! lesson plans are done, just need to print them. I’m good to go!