Good morning and how are we all? Did we have a good weekend?

I fought with my blood sugar all weekend. I stayed very very thirsty all Saturday and Sunday – I must have drank several gallons of ice water. Normally, this is a sign my blood sugar is dangerously high, but when I checked it on my home meter, all it would say was ‘hi’.

Really? I don’t want it friendly, I want it to tell me what my blood sugar is.

Both former school nurse and current school nurse said older meters (which the home meter is) won’t register over 500. It will just say ‘hi’. As in ‘high’.


Either way, it’s down to 247 or 243 this morning, which I’ll take. I have a salad with me as well as a LOT of water. This is pissing me off.

Actually, right now, a LOT of things are pissing me off, but I’m going to not say anything until I’ve worked through them and then use the proper channels (not public) to deal with the issues at hand. I suspect this is messing havoc with my blood sugar this weekend. Spawn wants to start working out again at the gym. I’m good with that.

I had hoped to do some writing this, but that didn’t happen.

I DID get the boxes unpacked and cleared out in the living room and the furniture placed where it’s supposed to be. I broke my lit magnifying lamp – it’s 30 years old, so while I got a lot of use out of it, you can’t find them anymore, so I’ll be back with the neck worn magnifying glass and the lamp between my feet. 😦 The curtains are hung up, so we’re moving along.

I need to hang pictures and then it will look ‘done’ – I found my hammer, but still looking for my nails!

I have an end table as well. The room is going to be a hodgepodge of unmatched color – oh well.

All said and done, it’s time for ManCandy. Come get your mancandy on!

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Have a great Monday!