Hello and Happy Guy Day!

Also full moon and Friday the 13th. Joy. (sarcasm).  My classes are feeling the effect of the full moon and we’re watching yet ANOTHER storm waiting to come up the coast. The Bahamas do NOT need any more rain. Neither do either of the Carolinas. this is just…. overkill. I haven’t heard if ferry traffic has resumed to Ocracoke. My son and I went to Ocracoke Island back in 1998 – to see the lighthouse. It is on one of the Outer Banks and we loved it. Blackbeard liked to vacay there. Either way, it was cut off and flooded during Dorian and now we have the future Humberto heading this way. Good news is Dorian stirred up cooler waters meaning it will be hard for any strengthening for anything coming behind it for a while.

I am still fighting with my computer over the changes created by Avira. Really pissed. It’s completely done away with the app that supports gifs, meaning I can only open them via the internet and WordPress won’t allow me to upload those. They also messed up my PC Nook. Again, sends my nooks to the internet to read. It won’t support the Nook app and I’ve taken it off and redownloaded it twice (the Nook App). I’m thinking an ugly customer service rant is due on their Facebook.

So we’re back to posting archived Guy posts. I don’t think anyone will mind.


Prettier than you.


No you’re not. (sorry. No, you’re not sorry!)

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And there you have it. Have a great day!