So how many of us with Tumblr accounts got the email this morning informing us that Tumblr has been ‘acquired’ by Automatic – a company I’ve never heard of.

My only question is – are they going to go back to reasonable posting guidelines and STOP TREATING US LIKE KINDERS????

My email came complete with instructions on how to delete my account.

I’m going to be honest, I joined Tumblr back in 2012. I did so to have easier access to Karl Urban news and pictures. I stuck my big toe in that pond to discover that man had some of the craziest fans who would take your head off over things that didn’t concern them. I had an 18 year old with mental issues try to pick a fight with me over something he misconstrued and didn’t understand the subtle art of apology when I informed him he missed the point. His friends were PMing me, apologizing for him. I didn’t buy that either. I had a 16 year old try to tell me I wasn’t supposed to comment when I reblogged stuff. Role playing people who didn’t get role playing. The place was a bastion of underaged, hormonal idiots to whom everything was either ‘pure’ or cause for war. Of course, when The Hobbit came out and I found Richard, my Richarding took over. I couldn’t imagine NOT checking Tumblr several times a day. I lived there. I lived on the Richard thread. LIVED on it!

Oh and Richard has his share of crazy fans, but we won’t go there. I think my go round with Whozits Whatzits is pretty epic. And probably still discussed behind my back.


Life has settled down since then and I don’t visit any specific threads anymore. Occasionally, Richard or Karl will cross my dash, but most of my dash pictures now consist of food and flowers and funny stuff and puppies and kitties. And yeah, political stuff. I fear many of my former left-leaning friends have unfollowed and blocked me as sometimes, yes I do comment on The Stupidity.

Anyway, I get this email this morning and I’m hoping that Tumblr relaxes. I mean, we’re pretty mostly much adults here, right?


In other news, I need to find my lease. My former landlord is being a complete twat. You would NOT believe the text message I received from her at 2 AM this morning. Cleaning carpets I understand, but the landscaping fee and the lightbulb fee and the demand for immediate sending of MORE RENT…


Have some Richard.